The Right Approach to Dental Treatment – 5 Reasons You Should Choose Holistic Dental Care

Most people don’t like the idea of dental checkups due to anxiety or fear. They usually associate dental checkups with painful shots of Novocain, tooth scraping, noisy drilling, and uncomfortable procedures. For this reason, many people tend to avoid dental checkups. This is unfortunate because dental care plays a major role in the overall health of one’s entire body. But now a paradigm shift in dentistry is taking root. Changes in the practice of dentistry are occurring as Holistic Dentistry continue to open the door to safe, all-natural and healthy dental services.  Here are five reasons why you should choose holistic dental care.

Mercury Removal – any dentist, can remove old mercury fillings, but doing it the right way so as to avoid toxic exposure to mercury is very vital. A holistic dentist employs safe mercury filling removal techniques. The tooth is first protected from the rest of the mouth, and using a special high volume system; the holistic dentist can secure both the patient and the entire office from mercury exposure.

Biocompatible Dental Materials – one of the main goals of holistic dental care is to achieve a metal-free dentistry. For this reason, holistic dentistry utilizes biocompatible dental materials which are dental restoration materials that are almost very natural and non-reactive.  From fillings, crowns to bridges, these biocompatible materials look and feel so natural. Furthermore, they strengthen and even extend the life of your teeth.

Highest Quality – another most important goal of holistic dental care is to present the highest quality dental care to its entire patient. Driven by an artistic desire for perfection, holistic dentists strive to create the most healthy treatment techniques and handmade restorations that guarantee excellent results. There natural approach to dental treatment ensures that patients with dental problems receive the best dental care that will serve them well for many years.

Low Radiation – in a bid to reduce exposure of patients to harmful radiations, holistic dentists are utilizing the new state-of-the-art x-rays equipment which provides low emission that is less than one-tenth of traditional film x-rays. In addition to this, holistic dentistry provides other alternative means of diagnosis hence minimizing the need to subject patients to harmful x-rays.

Healthy Office Environment – most holistic dental offices are designed and built in such a manner to create a clean, safe and healthy environment that is toxic-free. From paints to furniture and even the carpet, everything is selected to eliminate harmful chemicals and fumes. Clean water is also a top priority. The water system used in most holistic dental care centers is treated with colloidal silver to deliver bacteria-free water. Furthermore, the water which is used to clean patient’s teeth is highly ozonated to promote healthy gums.

Dental care is not only about treating dental problems, but it is also about commitment to total healthcare. Whether you are suffering from tooth problem or you are seeking healthier options for dental treatment, holistic dental careprovides the best dental health available and indeed the health of the whole body.

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