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The Japanese have for centuries used herbal remedies most of which were imported from China. In 190 AD a Chinese herbalist known as Zhang Zhanjing compiled collection of herbal remedies and titled it the Shang han a bing lun, (discussion of cold induced disorders and miscellaneous diseases). He did this after he had lost most of his relatives to mysterious diseases.

Japan imported Zhang Zhanjing’s book of remedies and called it Sho Kan Ron. This became known as Kampo. In 590 AD Japanese Empress Suiko sent her emissaries to study more about Chinese herbal remedies so that they could be used more extensively in Japan. Japanese Buddhist monasteries also used Kampo. The Japanese then refined the imported Chinese herbal remedies using their own formulas and compiled them into Shen nung pen ts’ao, which were remedies that had substituted Chinese ingredients for the more available Japanese ones. Because the Buddhist doctrine forbade taking life in any form, the Japanese had an aversion to using animal by-products. Hence the interest in and development of Japanese herbal remedies.

Todo Yoshimasu, the son of a physician, who lived in the mid-18th Century posited that all forms of diseases in Japan (and elsewhere) stemmed from toxins in the body. He insisted that toxins came from food, drink and other external sources. Once the toxins were drawn out the body would start healing itself. Yoshimasu worked with the Emperor’s head physician, Toyo Yamawaki, as a herbal medicine consultant to provide remedies for the royal household as well as the general populace. He used Koboku (Magnolia bark) through ingestion to expel toxin-laden mucus from the chest and for gastrointestinal problems because, he said, it has mucolytic effects. He also used it for skin problems by promoting the discharge of pus from the body to cleanse it. He used croton seed and kansui root to eliminate poison from the body from different sources such as snakebites.

Other remedies such as Daikenchuto were used for relief of inflammation. Yoshimasu’s therapeutic methods included diaphoresis, emesis, purgation and mediation. Diaphoresis is medically-induced perspiration. Emesis involves vomiting and ejecting the contents of the stomach. Purgation is purging often through diarrhea. Mediation was meant to harmonize the patient with the cosmic order for healing.

Another remedy used was Hainosankyuto for relief of inflammation. Recent animal models confirmed the efficacy of Hainosankyuto for relieving streptococcal toxic shock syndrome. To this day Daikenchuto is still being used following surgery to reduce inflammation at the surgical site. Yoshimasu’s remedies have continued to be used in Japan with modifications and other improvements in line with technological advancements. This is the reason we now have remedies such as bamboo vinegar, Dokudami and Loquat leaf for toxin removal from the body. Bamboo vinegar has a long history of being a natural detox, and is prized for its strong sterilizing properties. It has also been used for ages as a sterilizing agent, deodorizer, medicine for intestinal disorders, and a natural additive which brings out flavor and preserves freshness. Other uses were in baths, washing and for healing rough skin conditions. The practice of detoxifying a human body through the feet dates back to 15th-Century Japanese alternative medicine inventions. Most of the products available today for this type of detox originate from Japanese pharmacopoeias.

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BodyPure Detox Pads were created from this long history of Japanese herbology, and in their latest form (foot detox pads), adapted to suit our busy lifestyles. Dr Daniel Vinograd, a Naturopathic Doctor & Holistic Dentist, refined the Japanese formulas to create the BodyPure Foot Detox Pads, and along with his son, wife and brother in law, created a company to manufacture and test them to US quality standards. As a company, we are dedicated to taking care of our customer’s health, and treating them as we would our own family. If you have any questions, comments, or would just like to drop us a line, call toll-free 888.951.7873, or email staff@bodypure.com.


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