Natural Relief from Wisdom Teeth Pain

jaw pain from wisdom toothWith age comes wisdom teeth, with wisdom teeth comes discomfort. What was once the
forgotten memory of teething is revisited in our later teeth years as these third molars begin to
erupt through the gums. These molars are most commonly known to impact causing infection,
inflammation and a specific type of oral pain. The headaches, tenderness of the area and stress
associated with this type of pain can be combatted with a few simple tricks while you wait for
that upcoming dentist appointment. If you are experiencing the effects of incoming painful wisdom
teeth, explore these natural remedies on relieving pain and fighting infection to turn that frown
upside down.

Clove goes down in the books as a powerful anesthetic and antiseptic thanks to the inherent
properties of eugenol. Before modern dentistry, clove was used to numb oral pain and wipe out
the bacterias that lead to infection. With the increase in natural remedies, clove has become
available to us in all different forms from powder to oil to whole. To feel the effects of clove, put
a few drops of clove/olive oil mix onto a cotton ball and apply directly to the pain induced

If you are using the popular kitchen spice instead, rinse your mouth with warm water and salt
then apply the clove powder directly to the inflamed area. After the anesthetic properties kick in,
simply spit and move on with your day!

Warm Water/Salt Mix
The benefits of warm water salt mix for cleansing bacteria and infection has proven it’s
effectiveness dating back to Egyptian times. In order to feel the effects of the mix, add between
½ and 1 teaspoon into warm water and swish around the area experiencing pain. If you want to
optimize the benefits, try a high mineral salt versus the traditional table salt.

If you have used raw garlic for it’s healing properties before, you may be aware of the potent yet
beneficial effects of raw garlic. Similar to the salt/warm water mix, the raw garlic treatment dates
back to our ancestors for it’s antibacterial properties thanks to the compound, Allicin. Allicin is a
sulphur compound that’s released when raw garlic is crushed or opened. Use raw garlic to
cleanse infected areas in direct form or as a paste for maximum effect. For direct use, simply
halve a clove of garlic and rub down the infected area for up to 10 minutes. Next, chew on the
raw garlic to release Allicin until the pain subsides then rinse with warm water. To create the
paste, simply crush garlic and salt together. When the paste is created, apply to infected area
for a few minutes then rinse with warm water.

Lavender Oil
As a huge advocate of lavender’s medicinal properties, the discovery of this oil and the ability to
combat oral pain was not surprising. Take an extra virgin coconut/lavender oil mix for a gentle
pain reliever for incoming wisdom teeth. Lavender induces relaxation so treat yourself to a jaw
massage in the meantime before bed and finally get a good night’s rest pain free.

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