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The Aging Athlete Seminar P4

The answer is no. Does physical therapy cause the tear to heal? The answer is no. But what they do is reduce the symptoms down to a tolerable level and by retraining the other muscles in the shoulder; most patients can go on with their lives. You have to remember that about 1 out of […]


What Am I Allowed To Eat On The HCG Diet?

The very low calorie diet that goes along with taking HCG may seem very restrictive, and it’s true that you’re limited to 500 calories a day. But you can still eat many of today’s most popular foods in moderation. The following insights are just a small example of the advice being offered by the experts […]


The Aging Athlete Seminar P3

Very rarely can you repair the meniscus. If you put stitches into something that doesn’t have blood supply, it doesn’t heal. So it just tears again. So usually this is treated with a [inaudible]. Achilles rupture. Talked about this earlier. It’s very common in 20-40 year old athlete. Fancy way of saying it, eccentric force […]


The Aging Athlete Seminar P2

This is a cartoon from the back. Calf muscle, big band… your second muscle is back here… then it becomes a tendon right down here. There’s two muscles in your calf, gastrocnemius muscle and the soleus muscle, which then come down to form this Achilles tendon and inserts down into the heel bone.  Treatment once […]


The Aging Athlete Seminar

see the video: Jason Rudolph: The aging athlete. Here we all are. Everybody wants to be able to run wind sprints after your 80s and along with wind sprints after 80s come injuries. This is one of my favorite pictures. This is my ultimate aging athlete. Nolan Ryan, if anybody remembers this 20 years […]

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