Infections Control Is A Big Concern For Hospital Today

Infection Control SiteWhen you think of safety, you probably think of being around people like your friends and family — and being in places like your home or a hospital where people are taking care of your needs. We treat people who are ill with kindness both at home and at the hospital, but in reality hospitals are sometimes full of bacteria, germs and other causes of concern for our overall health.

When there’s remodeling or construction at a hospital, patients — people who are important to their families and to the world as a whole — can be subjected to unhealthy levels of many substances if proper precautions aren’t taken.

Recent concerns about super-bugs and drug-resistant infections have shown that hospitals are sometimes breeding grounds for mold, bacteria and viruses. In fact, there are sick people everywhere, so it make sense that there would be bugs around if the right precautions aren’t taken.

But when remodeling and new construction is undertaken, a variety of less-than-ideal circumstances make things even worse. This can include the introduction of new, non-sterile materials into the hospital, the introduction of dirt and other contaminates and the stirring up of old mold, bacteria and other health concerns from the demolition that’s necessary to get the project underway.

What can be done to take infection control in hand when changes to the hospital facilities are essential? The best course of action is to use a careful contractor who is used to working in facilities where patients and others are present and also to enlist the services of an infection control company like Orange Restoration.

With years of experience, a team of professionals, access to the latest thinking and an understanding of the most recent protocols, Orange Restoration is proud to be your San Diego infection control specialists. We take every job we perform seriously, and this commitment to detail is especially important when handling construction infection control at a hospital or other medical facility.

Key to doing our very best for you is working closely with your administrators and with government officials, when necessary, to make sure everything is being done by the book. In situations where infection control is involved, there’s no possibility of cutting corners.

In many case, negative pressure containment of the construction is possible. Also, installing physical barriers between work areas and the public is important. Just as important is frequent testing to make sure the efforts in place are working to keep infection as well as construction dust and debris from compromising the health of patients and workers.

For infection control, you need to choose an experienced company that has proven again and again a level of attention to detail that’s unsurpassed.

Whether performing mold removal in an old house, getting rid of asbestos in a commercial building, cleaning up flood damage or helping healthcare facilities eliminate negative impacts from necessary remodeling or construction, Orange Restoration is here for you. And we’ll be here meeting your many needs for years to come.

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