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Metals, Molecules, Life and Death P4

here we can see  arsenic atom ,  a shimming metal purple  atom  bound to this  golden looking atom which selenium , there are two sulphurs  and they are incidental to  this point. The point is it’s a one to one selenium complex. There is one selenium to one arsenic in this molecular form.  We were […]


Metals, Molecules, Life and Death P3

We really need to know what the molecular nature of mercury is in fish. If we want to know whether we’re going to be worried about it or not. There is no good just knowing there is methyl mercury something in it, it’s very important to know methyl mercury what. These are the only actual […]


Metals, Molecules, Life and Death P2

This is   what would be called white radiation, this is many wavelengths merging and very much brighter than that we would actually use but it makes the pint that the air is actually glowing with some mooch radiation here. This is a very bright beam of x-rays and we can use it   in many ways. […]


Metals, Molecules, Life and Death

  Neil: good evening  ladies and gentleman thanks all for coming out  on this evening  when there  is a lot of competition  with albert schazzenger speaking at the  republican   convention tonight . I congratulate you on your choice. Tonight we have a great lecture. This is Graham George who is in fact a defector from […]

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