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Common Problems in the Adult Foot P2

There is surgery for it.  Oftentimes, before you get to the surgery, the take-home point or the most important thing to do is maintain the flexibility of your foot.  Usually when I see people in stage 2, I tell them it’s important to keep the range of motion of your foot.  If you can keep […]


Common Problems in the Adult Foot

My name is Rick Laughlin, and I work in orthopedic surgery.  I’m on the faculty of the medical school, and our practice is spread out throughout the city.  Most our hospital work is in Miami Valley Hospital downtown. Just to give you a little bit of the history of the building, the medical school here’s […]


Fermented Foods and Healing our Endothelium P5

  Part L,   had to throw that in.  There is little difference except that they’re synthetic. The proscribed antibiotics that people can buy are alkaloids .Human bodies are  equipped  we hope to deal with alkaloids but  we hope for us  that those synthetic alkaloids  are showing up in tap water everywhere on the  planet because […]

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