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Allergies and Asthma P2

  That’s a normal, intestinal mucus membrane it would be an electronic <inaudible> picture and this is how it falls apart, how flat it is. It’s just as if it would be a cut her and down here we have the histamines producing cells.  Then they make permanent <inaudible>. The effect is allergies, depression, inflammation, […]


Allergies and Asthma

Introduction: for those of you who don’t know me  my name is Desa Vanderhogan  and I’m the executive  director of the Marion Institute. The Marion Institute is a member based, non-profit that acts as an incubator for a diverse array of programs and serendipity projects that seeks to find a solution fort the root cause […]


Sue From Jamaica Reviews The Foot Detox Pads

Hi everybody my name is sue and today I’ll be fading a review on the Body Pure Detox  pads  I just received my package so I’m about to try it out . It says it helps to removes toxins, it improves circulation and it combats fatigue so let’s see if it really works. In the […]


Benefits of Foot Detox Patches

In this day and age everyone seems to be selling a new detox formula.  Over the counter products touting a healthier you though their detox formulas line the aisles of almost every grocery store.  But, have you ever tried foot pads?  Ironically this type of detox system has been around for centuries.  It could very […]

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