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The Difference Between Foot Detox Baths & Foot Detox Pads

Were you looking for Foot Detox Baths?

There is some evidence that the foot baths do not live up to their advertised claims, and although they may seem similar at first glance, we will explain the difference, as well as why the Foot Detox Pads actually show results. Read on.

What are Foot Detox Baths? Are they legit?

foot detox comparison If you recently heard about foot detox baths that will supposedly cure everything from headaches and joint paint to liver problems and insomnia, please read this:

Foot detox baths are advertised at spa-like facilities where a person is instructed to sit with their feet in warm salt water for a relaxing 30 minutes, while a device called an “array” supposedly removes harmful toxins from the body. As the water turns from clear to darker colors, one can see flakes that they are to believe are visible signs that it is indeed working. The color of the water is then compared to a chart that will inform the client of what areas of the body have been improved. This procedure can be somewhat expensive.

Several investigations found that the water turned dark with or without feet in it. The device actually uses positive and negative currents that causes an electrolysis to take place “rusting” the electrodes very quickly. Additionally, many foot detox retailers claim that specific colors can be identified as specific toxins, which is at best a guess, considering that the supposed toxins/colors are all being mixed together in water. Although there may be some benefit to these foot detox devices, they are certainly not as advertised.

What are Foot Detox Pads? Are THEY legit?

Foot detox pads (or patches) are adhered to the arch of the foot and worn overnight. They are based on solid principles of reflexology, and traditional Japanese herbs used to great effect for thousands of years.

The pads in the morning may show traces of nickel, arsenic, mercury and/or other impurities pulled from the body in the form of speckled blood, black dots and slimy residue. This is a natural process and not caused by any device or machine. Unlike the foot baths, the foot detox pads have been tested - and testing options for both the used pads, as well as the toxic levels in the body are made available to the customer.

Not All Foot Detox Patches Are Alike

The foot detox patches can help a person combat fatigue, improve circulation, increase metabolism and enhance their quality and length of restful sleep. These are all good things, but as in all products, one must be careful of knock-off products.. unfortunately, our world is still full of those who are trying to make money deceptively. Detox foot pads are NOT all alike. Several years ago, the Chinese began to make an imitation product with harmful chemicals. This caused a healthy level of skepticism in those interested in the detox foot pads. We encourage your researching our pads online- unlike any others, there are no negative analysis’ of the BodyPure detox foot pads.

Our BodyPure Detox foot pads are made with all natural herbs and minerals, and we stand behind our product 100% . We offer full refunds, including shipping, to any dissatisfied customer, because we know you will benefit from the treatment.

How does one use the Foot Detox Pads?

foot detox pads placed Wear the BodyPure foot detox pads on the arch of the foot for at least 10 hours at a time, for 10 to 30 days in a row. The impurities and toxins that are drawn from the body while you are asleep or resting, and help improve circulation, energy, and strengthen the immune system. Since the ingredients of the BodyPure foot detox pads are all natural, you do not have to worry about the effects on the skin - simply wear them, sleep, and dispose in the morning.

Did this article clear things up for you about the difference between Foot Detox Baths & Foot Detox Pads (helpful if the legitimate product)? If so, feel free to browse our pages and products, and please feel free to ask questions.

Click here to see the full product page for the BodyPure Foot Detox Pads, and Here to review the options for testing.

The Origins of the Foot Detox Pads.

The BodyPure Foot Detox Pads were created more than 10 years ago by Dr. Vinograd, a Naturopathic Doctor, Holistic Dentist & Holistic Healer. His lectures are broadcast worldwide (his latest lecture). The foot detox pads are not based on mythical "cures" that plague the alternative products world. They are based on 100% natural ingredients that both ancient and modern Japanese cultures have been (and still are) using to combat fatigue, improve circulation, increase metabolism, enhance quality of sleep, and to help release harmful bodily toxins.

So why target the foot, as opposed to ingesting a formula, or taking an injection?

foor detox reflexology Well, the answer is simple: Our bodies have are created such that the nerves in the soles of our feet have a direct connection to our kidneys, liver, and spleen. These are the major "waste depositing and re-processing plants" of our bodies. As toxins are absorbed by our bodies, they embed themselves into our tissues. Like trees' roots, which help to sustain a massive structure from ground up, the Foot Detox Pad's ingredients work directly through the central- anterior area of the sole where they have the greatest impact in drawing out toxins in our bodies.

Foot Detox Pads: A Cleaner Way to Cleanse Your body.

The beauty of foot detox pads is that they are a much cleaner way to detoxify. You don't need to rub powerful odorous ointments all over your body or drink pungent formulas to get clean. Far from that, with the gentle, constant work of the foot detox patch, getting rid of your bodily toxins is as simple as sticking a stamp on an envelope.

Simply take out the foot detox pad and remove the plastic wrap, peeling the cover from its adhesive sheet. Placing the pad paper-side down, attach the pad to the bottom of your foot just before you retire for the night (or day). And while you enjoy a great rest, the powerful 100% natural formula of the BodyPure foot detox pad kicks in to purify your body of harmful toxins.

Foot Detox Pads: What's in it for you?

Just one foot detox pad, used on alternating feet each night (or day) for 6 to 8 hours, over 30-90 consecutive nights (or days!) can help your body detoxify.. which will then improve your immune system, giving your body the power to fight off a number of ailments. The foot detox pads will also help improve blood flow throughout your body, dramatically reduce fatigue, and enhance your quality of sleep.

The foot detox pads can address many health concerns and dysfunctions, simply by reducing the levels of toxins in your system.

Foot detox pads can provide relief for those of us who suffer from:

  • High Levels of Stress
  • Excessive Fatigue
  • Joint Pain
  • Poor Sleep

Foot Detox Pads in the Lab

Studies using advanced measuring devices, such as the Syncrometer and Hair Analysis (by highly accredited environmental laboratory, SRC Analytics), have confirmed that the foot detox pads have helped rid users of toxic substances, amongst some of the most hamful are mercury, aluminum, lead, asbestos, PCBs, and arsenic. We encourage our customers to test for the actual reduction in toxins, and have made Hair Analysis Kits available here.

Watch the Foot Detox Pads Work!

The herbs inside of the foot detox pads gently interact with your body over an 8 to 10 hour period. During this time, the detox pads darken with lymphatic fluid and toxins.. the visual results can be impressive. foot detox visual evidence

A Healthy Win-Win Solution

With 2x more active ingredients than any other foot detox pad available today, why wait? With all you have to win from this awesome detoxification solution, why not give the BodyPure foot detox pads a try now? You're covered by a 100% money back guarantee, and shipping is free - even if you decide to return your product!

bodypure2x foot detox pads

Are the Foot Detox Pads Safe?

Yes. BodyPure Foot Detox Pads do not transfer any chemicals into your body, they simply encourage your body′s natural detox functions. The amount of active ingredients in the foot pads are even carefully measured to ensure maximum efficiency without discomfort.

BodyPure Foot Detox Pads Reviews

foot detox review
BodyPure2x Foot Detox Pads
"This productis wonderful..."
5 stars
Dr. Elizabeth Huntley, Precise Nutritional Care
August 6th 2013
"This product (BodyPure2x Detox Pads) is wonderful, I will enthusiastically recommend it to all of my patients."

How To Use The Foot Detox Pads

foot detox how to

Sue from Jamaica Reviews the Foot Detox Pads

Improve Your Health Now With Foot Detox Pads

You get a Free CTS Used Pad Analysis with this 1 month foot detox pads kit... your Satisfaction in Guaranteed!


Foot Detox Guide: Awareness of Mercury Toxicity

Of primary concern to our foot detox customers is the detoxification from heavy metals.. amongst the most detrimental to our health is Mercury.

A Closer Look Into Mercury Pollution and Corresponding Toxic Effects

foot detox founderFrom Dr Vinograd, originator of the foot detox pads: "Mercury toxicity is unfortunately quite prevalent, using foot detox pads is an easy way to prevent it from building up in our systems."

In recent years, warnings about mercury in some cosmetic products and seafood, including fish, have gotten plenty of attention. Some people, however, consider it a hullabaloo when Environment Prevention Agency (EPA) runs campaigns educating on the dangers of mercury. These are the people who use cosmetics containing mercury to lighten their skin or use mercury fillings to fill their teeth. While it initially seems as everything-is-alright, the dangers of mercury exposure soon catches up with them, and everything-is-not-right becomes the norm.

foot detox lecturer dr vinogradFrom Dr Vinograd, originator of the foot detox pads: "As a Biocompatible, Holisic Dentist, I have my patients use the foot detox pads to clean up the mercury leaked into their bodys from silver/mercury amalgams."

Some background information about mercury

foot detox originator dr vinogradFrom Dr Vinograd, originator of the foot detox pads: "Mercury toxicity is a large part of why I first began to research detoxification (more than 30 years ago), and eventually led to the creation of the BodyPure Foot Detox Pads."

A naturally occurring element found in air, soil and water, mercury exists in several forms such as metallic or elemental mercury, organic and inorganic mercury compounds. Unlike some other chemical elements, humans can neither create nor destroy mercury hence the only option left is to use it. Traditionally, mercury has been used in the manufacture of products such as switches, thermometers and light lamps.

Mercury is a very toxic yet overlooked component of air pollution. It is contained in some of the products we use at home, schools, hospitals and work. In this context, we discuss sources of mercury, forms of exposure, and potential health effects.

Sources of mercury / reasons to sart your foot detox program

Foot Detox Reason 1: Coal-fired power plants

foot detox maker dr vinogradFrom Dr Vinograd, originator of the foot detox pads: "Coal has become an inseperable part of our society, and methods of detox, such as out foot detox, are a good alternative for those in close proximity."

Coal contains mercury impurities, and when coal is burned to generate electricity, mercury is released into the environment through the smokestacks. As a matter of fact, coal fired power plants are the largest sources of mercury air emission in the world accounting for over 40% of all human-caused sources of mercury. That′s because in countries where coal is plentiful and cheap, it provides a low cost source of energy. In china, for instance, coal supplies 75% of China′s energy.

Foot Detox Reason 2: Cement kilns and manufacture of certain metals

Coal, which naturally contains mercury, is used to fuel cement-manufacturing process. In addition, limestone and certain metal ores contain impurities, among them mercury. Due to such, metal smelting and refining, especially zinc and lead smelting, and cement manufacturing are major contributors to global mercury pollution. Some kilns, in fact, emit nearly 2 times more mercury in comparison to the most polluting coal fired power plant. However, the amount of mercury emitted to the atmosphere is lower than coal plants since kilns are fewer in number.

Foot Detox Reason 3: Gold mines

Gold mining, often called the most polluting in the world, contributes around 12 tons of mercury each year according to EPA. The fact that in some places gold ores contain mercury partially explains why. In addition, mercury was traditionally used to separate gold from the mined ore. After gold is heated to separate it from the ore, mercury is released. This low-techie technique produces a large amount of mercury to the air, causing damage to water bodies, air and wildlife near the mining sites. This results in heavy mercury exposure to both miners and their families.

Unfortunately, it′s not just the existing ores that pose grave problems. Long-abandoned gold mines continue to release mercury from the underground pools of mine tailings. Some ores found in California, for instance, release mercury despite that some of them were closed roughly 100 years ago. It is estimated that mine sediments and water in those areas release hundreds of pounds of mercury every year.

Foot Detox Reason 4: Consumer products and additives

Many consumer products like batteries, thermometers, electronic devices and many automotive parts contain mercury. In the unfortunate events where these products break during use, or are carelessly handled and disposed, mercury escapes as a pollutant. Incinerators burning mercury waste, release large amounts of mercury. Overall, hazardous waste, regular garbage and medical waste incinerators release about 26,000 pounds of mercury every year in the US alone according to EPA.

Foot Detox Reason 5: Chlor-alkali plants

Laundry detergent, chlorine bleach, cheap vinyl shoes, toys and purses are made with polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Essentially, therefore, the production of these materials requires the use of chlorine gas at some point. The chlor-alkali that produce the gas use mercury to convert salt into chlorine gas and caustic soda which is then used in products like plastic, bleach and detergent. An unknown amount of the mercury gets lost during manufacturing.

Foot Detox Reason 6: Fish contamination

Mercury in the air finally finds its way into the water. Some that settles onto the land is also washed into the water. Once deposited, it is changed to highly toxic form called methyl mercury by certain microorganisms. The toxic form builds up in shellfish, fish and other animals that eat fish. Seafood is the main source of methyl mercury exposure to humans.

Foot Detox Reason 7: Inhaling mercury vapor

Some products that contain elemental mercury may break and release mercury into the air. Some of these products include light lamps and switches. Also consumers are exposed unknowingly and unnecessarily to mercury which is used as dental fillings and as an additive to antiseptics and cosmetics. This mercury maybe inhaled in vapor form.

Toxic effects

If the above sources are a concern for you, the odds are you will wish to begin your foot detox pads regiment after reading about their effects. The toxic effects of mercury depend on the route of exposure and the form of mercury present. Some forms like methyl mercury are more toxic than others. It alters the genetic and enzyme systems, damages both the immune and nervous system including coordination of the senses of taste, touch and sight. Methyl mercury is very damaging to developing embryos, which are highly vulnerable.. almost 10 times more sensitive than adults. Neurologically, you are at risk of falling into a depression or anxiety. In addition, you can get a chronic fatigue or become hyperactive. That′s because, from a mechanical perspective, microtubules are built by an enzyme called tubulin, and these are in large part responsible for the destruction of intra-cellular communication. Simply put, mercury hinders the assembly of tubules in neurological cells, causing them to fall apart.

Other symptoms of methylmercury poisoning include

Ready to start your foot detox cleanse? Here are a few more..
Humans are exposed to methyl mercury mostly through ingestion, and it is absorbed very fast but excreted more slowly than other forms of mercury. Elemental mercury, on the other hand, is absorbed relatively slowly. Other forms of mercury such as the salt HgCl2 causes kidney failure and damages the gastrointestinal tract. That′s because both organic and inorganic mercury compounds are absorbed through the gastrointestinal tract hence affecting other organs found along the route.

Other symptoms of elemental mercury effects include

Mercury symptoms, unfortunately, are difficult to pin down since mercury has the ability to displace other elements such as copper and zinc. It attaches to the receptors that hold these essential minerals, and as a result, your entire system may be dysregulated. It is, therefore, important to pay your physician a visit if you are afraid of mercury exposure.

Hopefully this data is enough to convince you to start using the foot detox pads to keep your insides clean! If not, we hope you you find other ways to do so, and lead a long, happy, healthy life! - , CEO of Bodypure.

I'm Convinced, Help Me Start My Detox!

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