The Non-Toxic Dental Approach

holistic dental photosBiological dentistry takes a new and more natural approach to traditional dentistry. Dentists who follow this methodology adopt the principle that anything that is implanted or left in and around a tooth affects the entire body – not just the mouth. The goal is to use biocompatible dental materials to reduce exposure to pathogens while restoring the look and function of your smile.

Biological dentistry is also known as holistic dentistry. Although there are holistic and biological dentists, a traditional dentist can still perform the same procedures using the same materials. Those who practice this form of dentistry adhere to the following principles:

  • Dental and physical health are closely related. The immune system, the central nervous system, nutrition and body structure each have an effect on a person’s oral health.
  • Periodontal or gum disease can be treated with natural methods, which include nutritional balancing. Surgery is not necessarily a requirement.
  • Most root canal procedures cause harmful infections.
  • Care is taken when dental fillings are chosen. Mercury and nickel fillings are detrimental to the patient’s health and are not used.

To put it simply, biological dentistry takes a holistic approach to oral health care. Dentists consider how every procedure and dental material will affect the patient’s overall health.

The Benefits of Biological Dentistry

There are many benefits to biological dentistry, particularly if you are experiencing adverse side effects caused by mercury or nickel fillings.

Did you know that mercury amalgam scraps that are removed from a patient’s mouth need to be stored and labeled as a hazardous material? Not only that, but they require a special pickup for disposal of the material.

Over time, the mercury content found in traditional fillings leeches out into the body, causing a variety of health issues. Do you really want these types of fillings in your mouth? A biological dentist can safely remove these fillings from your mouth and replace them with a composite filling. Most holistic dentists use a variety of composite filling materials for their dental procedures, and reject any materials that may be toxic to the body.

Another great advantage of biological dentistry is that dentists take a holistic approach and don’t rely on quick fixes. They consider how your nutrition may affect your oral health and take the time to find a treatment that will provide the best long-term effects. With the help of a holistic dentistry, many people have also found relief from other health conditions, including skin rashes, heart burn, food sensitivities, mood disorders, chronic fatigue, sinus issues and even poor concentration.

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