Sliding Closet Door Q & A

????????????????????Question: So we just brought a closet door, and it keeps coming off the tracks! My wife uses to be able to get the doors back on track, but now both of the sliding doors appears to be jammed. It should be noted that the sliding doors are from 1984 so if there is any solution that could save the entries then that will help a tonne. Don’t expect much in the way of anwsers but thanks!

Answer: Do not worry! We hear about people all the time with jammed pocket doors and sliding doors. Right off the bat, I can tell you what your problem is, the door. The new style of doors, those around the early 2000 era, have a track that is shaped like a ‘C’. It is most likely you have one that is shaped like a ‘J’ or an ‘I’. Usually I would suggest that someone have a door as old as your completely replace but since you seem intent on keeping it then you should simply have the new track installed. They can be purchased at most hardware stores and are easy to get installed. Assuming that the rest of the door is in good condition then the new track should cost around 100 to 150 dollars. Please note that this includes installation fees.


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