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Three Things Your Non-Toxic Toothpaste Must Have

Non-toxic toothpaste

It’s great news that people are becoming more and more aware of the need to choose a non-toxic toothpaste than ever before. That’s because people have been choosing potentially toxic name-brands for too long without paying attention to what they’re putting into their mouths.

Now, we know that SLS or sodium lauryl sulfate doesn’t belong in toothpastes because of the potentially irritating and mouth-drying effect it can have. And we certainly see that fluoride has no place in toothpaste anymore since there are better alternatives.

Have you ever wondered why makers place warnings on their toothpastes indicating you shouldn’t swallow them? That’s because they’ve known for years that you shouldn’t ingest fluoride or many of the other substances in toothpaste.


Three Quality Of Great Non-Toxic Toothpaste

Whether you make your own non-toxic toothpaste (the best toothpaste can really only be homemade) or choose one of the natural choices at the store that really are natural, there are three important criteria that a non-toxic toothpaste must have to be good for you and your family:


  1. It needs to really work. Leaving fluoride out of your toothpaste could leave your teeth unprotected from decay, but it doesn’t have to. Natural sweetener Xylitol is a common ingredient in many non-toxic toothpaste brands, and it also has antibacterial properties. Including it in a toothpaste improves the taste while protecting your teeth from decay as well. That seems like a win-win situation.
  2. It needs to taste great during and after use. You won’t use a toothpaste if it tastes bad — and your children and other members of your family who may not be as concerned about their health as you are certainly won’t use it. There’s no health benefit to great taste, but it make sense. Plus, you want a clean, fresh taste in your mouth after using the toothpaste, not a bitter aftertaste. There’s simply no benefit to a bad-tasting toothpaste, yet so many of the brands that tout themselves as natural sacrifice taste to give you a product you think you can trust. That just isn’t necessary.
  3. A sensible price is essential. While it’s not at all uncommon to see toothpastes with price tags approaching $20 in natural and health food stores, there’s no reason to pay a price like that. You should automatically exclude from your search for the perfect non-toxic toothpaste anything with a price greater than $7. In fact, you can simply clean your teeth with baking soda and some peppermint oil. Add Xylitol for a complete tooth product that will really work well for your dental and overall health.


Is Your Non-Toxic Toothpaste Really Safe?

And it’s also important to consider whether your so-called non-toxic toothpaste really is non-toxic. While natural toothpaste makers claim to be doing the right thing and perhaps think they are, there’s a long list of things that don’t belong in toothpaste.

Can you be sure your brand doesn’t contain any of them?

Choose carefully because you dental health and your overall health — as well as the dental and overall health of your family members — is riding on you getting this decision right.

For a great recipe to make your own non-toxic toothpaste, visit:

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