Preparing For Your Abdominoplasty Surgery

cartoon figure writingAn abdominoplasty treatment is a significant event. There’s a lot of thought that must go into preparing yourself for the surgery. Take a look at a few of the actions involved and methods you can use to help ensure the best possible result.



Great health decreases your risk of problems throughout surgery and will speed up your healing afterward. You don’t have to be exactly at your perfect body weight to have this surgical treatment– however you must be reasonably close (within 10 pounds). Set your weight goal, achieve it, and keep it for at least half a year prior to you scheduling your tummy tuck surgical treatment.

There is one other big thing to alter about your health routines. If you are a smoker, you are required to quit smoking now. Cigarettes impact your body in many dangerous ways, but they are especially harmful if you have any type of surgical treatment. The chemicals and pollutants in cigarette smoke hinder wound recovery and enhance the opportunity that you’ll experience necrosis (tissue death) as a surgical problem.


Preparing Your Mental Outlook

From the standpoint of psychological and emotional health, these are the vital things to work on: Take a good look at why you want this surgery. It’s great to give yourself plenty of time to decide whether you truly desire to go through with a surgical treatment.

Address the following concerns:

  • Are you prepared to manage issues and a less than ideal result?
  • How will you feel about your body if the outcomes don’t match the picture you have in your mind?
  • Will you feel satisfied if you do get the results you want– or will you simply focus on another perceived problem?
  • Do you have someone you can count on helping you through the emotional upheaval that usually follows any major cosmetic surgery?


Consultation with Your Cosmetic Surgeon

The next huge stage in preparing for your tummy tuck surgical treatment is the consultation (or series of consultations) with your plastic surgeon. This is when you’ll discuss your hopes and expectations along with any special danger aspects. You’ll want to be really clear about the primary problems that are troubling you concerning your look.

This might consist of:

  • Protruding abdominal area (above or below the waist).
  • Separation of the abdominal muscles (this frequently takes place during pregnancy).
  • Pockets of fat that are resistant to weight reduction efforts.
  • Lack of definition around your waist.
  • Excess skin (such as the “apron” that may suspend at the lower edge of your belly).
  • Stretch marks.

The more info you can offer about precisely what you desire to be fixed, the greater your cosmetic surgeon’s ability to prepare the right approach to your surgery. Your plastic surgeon may take images or use imaging software application during this stage to picture and discuss your preferred outcome.

Your surgeon will discuss the risks and any prospective issues throughout your consultation. Don’t hesitate to ask tons of questions so you feel great about your decision.

Here’s added info you’ll wish to write down and bring with you so you do not forget to divulge it:

  1. A full list of any prescription drugs and other compounds you are taking (including vitamins, supplements, herbs, over-the-counter medications, and so on).
  2. All previous and current medical problems including details about what treatment you received (medication, surgery, etc.).
  3. Info about any previous pregnancies.
  4. Any understood drug allergies.
  5. If you must stop taking any of your regular medications or supplements prior to your tummy tuck surgery, your surgeon will let you know about that. Don’t stop taking your medications unless you are particularly advised to do so. You might need several lab tests to check your blood for signs of issues like anemia or infection that may enhance your risks.


Getting ready for the Day of Surgery

Set up for your ride home and make sure you have items you might require in the automobile. Toss a couple of pillows in the vehicle too in case you need extra cushioning on the trip back home.

Use anti-bacterial soap to clean your whole body as directed by your specialist. Wash your hair since you will not feel up to this job for a while after surgical treatment. These are areas your anesthesiologist may examine during surgical treatment to validate that you are getting plenty of oxygen.

Fast (no food or liquids) for the quantity of time advised by your surgeon. Dress in comfortable clothing and slip on shoes. Leave all your valuables including your fashionable jewelry at home. Just bring your ID, some money and other crucial goods to the medical facility with you. That way, you won’t need to fret about where your stuff is while you’re in surgical treatment.


Preparing Your Home for Tummy Tuck Recovery

You’ll want to establish your house well in advance of your surgical treatment to offer the best possible recovery environment.

Here’s a To-Do-list you might find practical:

  • Clean your house from top to bottom and get all your laundry done while you can still move quickly.
  • Send or schedule payments for all approaching and outstanding bills so you do not miss out on a mortgage/ credit card payment or other utility.
  • Stock up on easy-to-prepare or readymade treats and meals. Remember that pain medication may make you both nauseated and constipated. So, select foods that will still attract you even if you feel queasy, and add in some high-fiber snacks to keep your bowels moving.
  • Prefill any prescriptions and purchase all post-operative products beforehand. This includes getting a shower chair and a hand-held shower head so you can easily take a bath.

Here’s a partial list of the products you may need to keep within easy reach:

  1. Ice packs.
  2. Stretchy, loose clothing you can quickly and easily slip in and out of.
  3. Cell phone.
  4. Books, magazines, iPod or MP3 gamer, TELEVISION remote, laptop and other kinds of entertainment.
  5. Extra blankets and pillows.
  6. Snacks and bottles of water.
  7. Vaseline to keep the incision site moist and protected (if your surgeon says that’s OKAY).
  8. Box of tissues for when you start feeling weepy.
  9. Medications (in a segmented pill box so you know what to take when).

Obviously, the most vital thing you can line up in preparation for your abdominoplasty surgery is a family member or friend who can be there for support!

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