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here we can see  arsenic atom ,  a shimming metal purple  atom  bound to this  golden looking atom which selenium , there are two sulphurs  and they are incidental to  this point. The point is it’s a one to one selenium complex. There is one selenium to one arsenic in this molecular form.  We were thinking about what is happening in Bangladesh .there still is a very major problem of low level of arsenic in the drinking water in Bangladesh. It affects an enormous number of people. basically the arsenic  is coming from what  they call  tube  whales   which are just simple actinium whales , perhaps some of you get your wear from  artesian whales . It turns out to that there is a small amount not a huge amount of arsenic in the drinking water. It affects 30-7 million people. That’s just an awful lot of people.  Neil told you I mobbed to Canada, 13 million is the population of Canada. I’m English, 75 million people is more than the entire population of the United Kingdom. This is an enormous number of people that are affected by this problem and this is not the only place in the world that we have this problems foxing on. There is problems in china and other places too.  however  they are some locations  in the world which have similar arsenic levels  in the water but have less  sever health problems, why should one  population be affected poorly while the other  is barely affected  at all.  The mechanism of this low level arsenic problem is really unknown.


What are they atoms? I won’t go into lots of details but they involve a whole lot of skin problems, malignant tumours and death. there is  no good information on how many persons in Bangladesh have  died and these are typical pictures of what the medics calls arsenic legions on the hands and feet’s of Bangladeshi suffers and you can tell it looks pretty unpleasant .  As I mention selenium is an absolutely essential trace element and deficiency results in skin problems, malignant tumours and death. Many of us take selenium on a semi regular basis.  For every arsenic that is removed by the formation of this molecule one selenium is lost. Our hypothesis that we published was does the low level arsenic poisoned in Bangladesh actually cause selenium efficiency? We still don’t know for   sure. We can’t do experiments on human being but its striking that the symptoms of selenium deficiency and low level arsenic poisoning are indeed very similar.  there are other parts of the  world , the  Bangladesh  and the other regions of the world that  are affected by this so called chronic  low level arsenic  poisoning are actually low in dietary selenium so  they don’t  have much selenium in their diets anyway . Perhaps this is an explanation of what’s going on. We hope so.



it turns our there is a chines group studying one of the affected areas in  china and administering selenium supplements and indeed in that case  in appears to have striking benefits .  Singrotum radiation perhaps allowed us to help quite a lot of people we hope in due course that’s true.


I’m going to say a few words about hats next. I’ve told you a lot of problems, what do we want to do next? Many of the things we want to do or to understand have to do with mercury. Arsenic is close to be in solved now at least from a molecular point of view. We want to understand the methyl mercury latency. We want to understand the fertile nature of mercury selenium interactions and we want to push detections limits to even Lowe levels. one thing I haven’t mentioned is what has made all these experiments possible are really the super bright x-ray beams at facilities like the sigrotum radiation laboratory, slack and other places in the world but all of these experiments were actually done at SSRL and the new detectors, highly stable, holy automated experimental facilities here basically have allowed us to push detection limits   to really low levels, levels that people really can’t achieve elsewhere.


when you publish a paper in a scientific  journal like Science  you get revived  by other scientist and  one of my reviewer  wanted to know why I was able to do experiments  with a 1000th of the samples  that he could . The reason is that here at slack they are very good at doing what they do. we want to push detection linnets to even lower levels and    we want to look at something custom  collators which I believe is the  promise of the future and  I’m going to talk about those .  Once we know the molecular forms in our bodies we are in great shape to design a way to get it out.  what we’ve been doing is we’ve  been using some fancy computer techniques to  design specific   candidate drugs, they’re into drugs until  they’re really ready  to  use for treatment of poisoning. One way you can view this is that a custom collator works like a clock and a key. It’s very key specific, the metal is the key, and the key later is the lock for example. They only go together with the right lock and key. Other metals really won’t fit as   well as the target metal. This is a molecule   that is tailored to fit that particular thing you’re trying to grab and removed and make it unavailable for poisoning in the body and the goal of course is to remove the metal from the body. this is  on candidate molecule  and you can see it  has grabbed a mercury atom here , there are three sulphur atoms that have positioned in the absolutely ideal place for binding and I should  say this is a molecule that doesn’t actually exist  yet. It only exist in the compute. It’s calculated and we understand a lot of its property from what the computer can tell us but it doesn’t really exist yet but it will.



I would like to summarise, molecular form   matters, it’s really important to know the details .there is absolutely no use understating how much lead, mercury, whatever the metal. You really have to know what the molecular form you’re dealing with. You really need to understand the molecules not just the levels of the metal. Molecules are very important they can make all the difference. We must in our research examine this and not just the levels. its tradition specially their medical research people  have used methyl mercury  compounds  without even saying what the methyl mercury compounds is and there are published papers in  literature many often that say ” methyl mercury was added ” and we don’t know methyl mercury thing they added was . It is very important we must understand the molecules. Syngotrum radiation hopefully provides a key promise of better health for all of us. I’m   going to acknowledge Stanford Singotorum Radiation Laboratory. The faculty here is really outstanding and without the benefit of those none of this could have been accomplished and what we do is a very small part of the overall research at SSRL which is supported by the department of energy in the NIH and these are all the people who have given me grants and lastly I will like to thank you for your attention.


I think we have time for some question.


Audience: with x-rays is it possible to distinguish between bots in the molecules <inaudible>


graham : with the technique that  we called x-ray absorption spectroscopy we can tell what the  neighbouring atoms are in a molecule , ordinary x-rays like  your doctor’s  office x ray won’t  do that. It will just tell you that a there is something that’s dense to x-ray.


Audience: how do you get to the compound that you want to x-ray, do you have to get to single molecule?


Graham:  we don’t need to get a single molecule we can take a whole piece of tissue. People wouldn’t put a finger in the beam they would be a bit foolish to do so. They wouldn’t be allowed back in the facility if they put a finger in the beam. In principle you can put a piece of biopsy in the x-ray beam den look at it directly. You couldn’t damage the tissue not significantly.


Audience: how are you able to isolate?


Graham: you get what is called a spectrum what you do is   you vary the energy of the x-ray and you look at the different ways in which it is absorbed. I don’t really want to go into details here because its kind goof complexed and it would bore most people. You want to get into details more I will tell you after.





Graham: mercury 199 MMI is a useful probe. In fact that’s what Karen Whetham was doing when she was poisoned.  Unfortunately its sensitivity is way too low to actually measure a real sample. You couldn’t put fish into a MMR machine and see anything. Our sensitivity is perhaps a million times greater than MMR.



Audience: <inaudible> sheep with the mercury fillings in their teeth, why haven’t you had your fillings out?



graham : the simple reason is if you have your  fillings  pulled  , that’s a great question actually , that’s probably something I should have said . If you have your fillings removed you get   a way bigger dose of mercury than you’re going to get if you leave them in. the action of pulling them out would be much worse than leaving them in place. Mine us staying put. Why?  Because some is lost and some is ingested. Dentists are very careful with mercury these days. Many of them put on a thing they call a dam which fits around you tooth and prevents any little drops getting lost in your mouth and swallowed but inevitably there is always some ingestion.  Its better that they stay put


Audience: I just went to the dentist and was actually talking to him. He said the   mercury   that’s still in the cavities is sealed inside so there is a little risk but it’s not open faced in your mouth


Graham: if you look in the mirror and you see a grey metallic looking substance in your mouth that is silver mercury and Malcom. It’s not very available, not much of the mercury comes out so I wouldn’t worry too much about it.



Audience: do you have the same problems concerned with mercury, arsenic and lead in that the molecular form of lead



Graham: yes the molecular form of lead is important, the same rules applies.


audience: you mentioned selenium  but another things like quitsanmine  and thimene and some of the others are also  like combining with mercury and   they also make something  else  which then makes it worse and possibly nathinene  deficient .


Graham: I don’t know of anyone become methionine deficient, nathainein is a very common amino acid in all the protein.



Audience: there’s a Russian book by Eli Tactinburg and it as written in 1974



Graham: are you sure its emethaninie?  I don’t know that it works.


Audience: meth amine has a sulphur component it’s a very attractive stimulus


Graham: not in methionine because it’s a fayoeater so it will not form very strong curvalum bombs like thyols will.



Audience: there was a study that they did on animals


Graham: ok I will look that up.


Audience:  wanted to share a counter opinion not he mercury and   fillings. Just as my understanding mercury in a filling is not a molecule, it’s an alloy so it really is mercury with silver that is inter mingled. read some research that  suggested that the mercury that  gets into your mouth in concert with the  organism that grow on your mouth it may be becoming more bio active .  I know that mercury may not be that dangerous but there is not a lot of evidence that it’s staying elemental mercury.

Metals, Molecules, Life and Death P3

We really need to know what the molecular nature of mercury is in fish. If we want to know whether we’re going to be worried about it or not. There is no good just knowing there is methyl mercury something in it, it’s very important to know methyl mercury what. These are the only actual spectral data that I’m going to show you and I’m showing them to you just to give you a flavour of what we look at day in, day out. the little dots here you can see the best perhaps here and here  show what I call a spectrum  and what’s important  are the little  wiggles and  bumps on where there are  and they’re matched against a solid line  which  are like standard  compounds . What age do, the simplest piece of analyse that we do, by no means the only kind is to finger print them. We look at our x-ray absorption spectrum and we match them against a large number, maybe 30, maybe more of reference compounds that are synthetic, chemically characterised small molecules that we really know the structure of already. You can see the top one matches.  Here’s that methyl mercury fragment and it’s revealed to us what the rest is. We now know that mercury in fish is a methyl mercury Sistine species. Among all the possibilities we can underline this one and say this is what it is and this was published in science of last year about a year ago.  Methyl mercury Sistine, a long name, turns out to be much less toxic to fish. Other animals, mammal for instance haven’t been investigate d so we don’t know how toxic it is to mammals but it’s much less toxic fish. A little zebra fish carve which a tiny fresh water fish is found some other methyl mercury molecules.  obviously they haven’t tested all of the methyl mercury molecules  but  this is a strikingly less  toxic form of methyl mercury and many other species and in particular the other species that have been used  in clinical  experiments that have involved move and things to determine how toxic the thing is .



What we suggested was are the recommended safe levels for fish consumption lower than they need to be. We did day that they were because that would be a bit rash, we actually don’t know but there is cause to question it I think. Now that we know the molecular from us can actually move forward. When we started saying these kinds of thing all kinds of fuss happened. We ended up in a lot of newspaper and on the television a lot. The one I likes the best is the BBC coverage and I have to do this from memory, I hope I get it right. You probably know that I’m English from the ay that I’m talking and at the time that I did all these experiments I was at Standard but I subsequently moved to Canada.  They said something like “Canadian scientist report” and then they talk about what we discovered ” but British expert cautioned”. They didn’t say who the experts were.  I thought that as the best quote. The one I actually like the best was the New York Times which had a really nice, balanced article on it.


I’m going to change gears a little bit and deliver a message form our sponsor. This is a commercial break if you like. I want   to advertise the next lecture, the runaway Universe by Roger Branford who is the director of Cava lee Institute for Particular Astrophysics in cosmology. It sounds like a very interesting topic cosmology. I think we had one on slack , one on Singotorum Radiation , one on  anti-matter and matter , one on metals , molecules , death and things and now we’ve   got cosmology which is really a diverse thing. this is  to encourage you to  join slack collections and at this urn  you can find out a lot more about upcoming  lectures and also if you wan please sign up for a  tour of slack and you can  find out more about those right at the top level page there. As ii told you methyl mercury molecules are neuro toxic but there is just a huge amount we don’t know. We don’t know how they work. We have little clues but we are really into the dark about the bulk of the mechanisms about how mercury molecules cause damage to nervous systems.  One of the most curious things is they exhibit latency. A delay between exposure and the onset of toxic effects I’ll say more on that a little bit. It can be as long as 150 days in people, a really long time. This shows you what a creepy and insidious thing some of these mercury compounds are. You can be exposed to them and not know. There can be nothing wrong for ages and ages and then all of a sudden it will hit you out of the blue. Those are best illustrated in the tragic case of Karen Whitterhan. She was a professor of chemistry of Dark Moth College and she was using a substance called dimethyl mercury that I already mentioned. what she  was  doing involved a very small amount  of the material in a glass ample like this one right here and she was  transferring , she got a colleague of hers to  cool the  compound to minimize the vapour pressure and the  possibility of it bursting , the college cut a little nick in the top of it with  a file , they  crack the ample open , she used a little glass dropper like the ones h shown here to transfer a small amount  to a glass sample  tube for a particular  kinds of experiments. The tube was sealed up and with glass blowing torch and labelled. This happened on august 14th 1996.  she used gloves when she was doing this  whole thing ,  she wore latex gloves, she wore  safety spectacles, everything was done  ,  the entire procedure was done in a fume  hood, this is a device that chemist use a lot  when they  are dealing eighth hazardous  materials and there are  strong extractor fans at the tops of it and  it pulls the air rough to minimize exposure to you . you’re wearing gloves , lab  coat , safety spectacles  you’re talking all the recommended precautions at the end of the procedure she noticed that she had  spilled just a few  drops of this stuff onto her gloved  hands so it was on the glove not her skin. At that time she removed the h gloves, she made a b note of it in her log book. After everything was clean and tide she went home to her husband and her children. 5 months later she experienced difficulty walking and talking. She went to her neurologist, lest than a month later she was in a coma, another four months she was dead. There was not a thing they could do for her despite extensive and heroic treatment efforts. They could do nothing for her.


This is dangerous stuff. The point that I’m trying to get across is the latency. You get poisoned, you’re ok for five months and then something bad happens.  We have no idea how this works and to understand how it works we would need to understand the molecular forms of mercury that are involved and how mercury is being modified in the body.


One interesting way, mercury and selenium are linked in quite a curios ay in human metabolism. it’s been know for a  relatively long time that if  you take a dose  of mercury and I have the two together and I  accidentally drink the mercury and I accidentally drink and equal dose of selenium the toxic effects are cancelled  . It’s like your classic antidote. I was reminded of that classical Indiana jones movie where he has an antidote in a little tube and he gets the antidote and drinks it and he’s fine.  This would be the selenium blue he wold have to drink it ratty quickie before the mercury get him. We know a lot about how this works.  if I say “later I know I’m going to have some mercury so I would better have a dose off selenium right now ” so I take the selenium later and then maybe two hours later I have a dose of mercury the toxin effects of the mercury arte not only not cancelled but they are hugely magnified so it’s much more toxic. the  molecular form of the  selenium  is being transformed into  something in our bodies that is combining in the two hours in between and then it gets to  combine with the mercury that you ingest to produce  something that’s absolutely deadly . We have no firm proof or know how this really works.  This is a big mystery and it is one of the major things we are trying to understand. We did have to understand this a little bit.  Never mind the details of this picture the thing I would like you to concentrate on is this thing. when you  take mercury and selenium  together what happens is  you form a  little ball of mercury  and selenium like a ball bearing , maybe 100 atoms  in there surrounded by other molecular fragments never mind what they are and this floats  around the blood stream , its moved to the liver and its stored there forever until you die.


This is how it works, this is how the cancellation of the toxic effects is manifested. We understand this in some details now thanks to experiments done at SSRL.  Quite a curious thing to think you might have these ball bearing things in your blood.


Arsenate and Cen unite are the names of two common molecules that contain arsenic and selenium. There are about as toxic as each other and in isolation by themselves they are each lethal at elevated levels. Remember we need   canines in our diets, we need selenium in our diet. Selenium is pretty important. The level between enough n our diet and the toxic level isn’t very great.  When they are taken together like the mercury but the mechanism is quite different, their toxic effects is surprisingly cancelled. Maybe it’s not surprising because mercury did it but it works in an entirely different way.  It’s a quite an old piece of knowledge. In 1938 it was first published   that rats fed on 11 parts per million selenium I the form of canonized wheat, this is what contaminated with cinnysium. In 60 days fed <inaudible> amount of cilium and they all died.  If they were fed not only on the cenonyzed   wheat but giving the cynonte in their drinking water they all survived. It was later discovered that this was even more effective if you gave exactly equal doses of arsenic and selenium and the thing that emerged over the years was that there was a lethal dose of arsenide or cenunite can be complete counteracted by an equal or otherwise lethal dose of the other one. You could take two lethal doses together and you would be fine.

How does this work? Once again in Singotorum radiation our x-ray reveal the species in bile. This is excreted in the bile. What happens is the arsenic and the selenium comes out together in this cellular entity. We call it they celulobisesculictino arsenic iron. It doesn’t really matter but the important bit is in the idle where the atoms have labels and you can forget about the outside bits and just concentrate on the middle bit.

Metals, Molecules, Life and Death P2

This is   what would be called white radiation, this is many wavelengths merging and very much brighter than that we would actually use but it makes the pint that the air is actually glowing with some mooch radiation here. This is a very bright beam of x-rays and we can use it   in many ways. It has applications in physical, chemistry, biology, environmental science, geology, material science. You can put any label around this, this is a picture of what a singatron might look like. basically you could put  nay label around here, any scientific field  and you will find examples where  signatory radiation has benefited us  as we know a lot more about some aspects  of it than we would  have done without it . It’s a very important scientific tool but why x-rays? This shows a length <inaudible> going metres along here. I didn’t have the energy to convert it to inches for you but I suppose mist of you know how big a metre is. This is a 10 the of a metre, this is a 100th of a metre, 1000th, 10 000th, 1 000 000th, 1 000 000 000th and so on. The property that makes x-rays useful to us that they have a wave length in the length scale of molecules in the molecular range. There are able to probe things in the distance range that we are interested in.


How do we do this? Let’s contrast it with x conventional analysis. lest  say there is a metal in a plan , this plan for  example and we think it’s this type of a metal it doesn’t matter what kind of metal it is , this is actually a metal that we subsequently identified in this  very plant but  let’s say we want to  look at it with  conventional chemical  analysis. Basically this involves chopping up the l plant, you can see there’s supposed to be little bit of the plant reflecting here floating in this clinical flask, chopping it up and usually dissolving it in something like acid. it would vary depending on what you’re analysing and essentially the molecule information can be wholly or  partly lost with conventional analysis  so you end up not knowing about the molecule but with the x-ray techniques given to us from signatory radiation we have a direct probe. We can look directly in what’s in   the plant, in fact you can take the plant away afterwards and let it grow it doesn’t have to be destructive at all.


this is a direct probe, the molecular  form is  intact , we’ll know what’s in it , we don’t hurt this , we don’t dissolve it , we don’t change the molecular form  in any way .it’s what we call an institute  probe. It’s a very neat way of understanding there are uncomplicated systems like tissues of plants.  Here’s mercury I showed you a picture of someone doing something unwise which was a modern picture and this something even more unwise, this is liquid mercury here. I did  have a  picture of a girl in bathing  suit taking a  bath in a bath of mercury , I’ve lost that I couldn’t show you that  today and that was from the 1950s when people didn’t really appreciate the dangers .


Mercury is a very toxic elements but not in all its forms.  If you remember that point that’s an important point.  unfortunately there are many tragic human cause problems that we can find including <inaudible> in Japan where dumping of industrial waste into the bay by Chico corporation caused large scale poising of villages in the nearby village of Minimarra and mercury poisoning is ever since or certain types of mercury poisoning has long been known buy the minimarra disease, this is in the 1950s. later on in the  1970s  in Iraq there  was an incident ethyl mercury chloride  dusted  wheat which   was meant for seed stick for  planting in fields and  it was dusted with this stuff  to prevent fungi and pest form feeing on the wheat , it was used  to bake break instead. to was painted bright orange  and it had a skull and cross bones painted on the sack but that  didn’t mean anything in this  Iraq culture  so people used it  to make  bread and nearly 4000 people died  in the 1970s and as you’ll hear later it was a rather unpleasant death.


In the amazon  basin right now, gold mining  operations giving rise to  a lot of industrial effluent  plus   leeching due to forestation are causing wide spread mercury posing of the  Amazonian  natives . I could find lots more examples.  There are many examples where mercury has been a really big problem and unfortunately we know a lot of its toxic properties.

What about hytrogenic   sources. I use this word because it’s the sort of word your doctor night use. Hector means physician in green and generic means induce by so this is induced by your physicians, sources from the health industry. One source many of us including me have plenty of is silver mercury magnum in the teeth. Silver mercury magnum in the teeth I have   quite a lot of them, I had them from early in my childhood. They are widely regarded to be very safe and if there are silver fillings they’re silver mercury fillings, three mixture of silver mercury. You can see here someone’s teeth here with a few filings in them. A recent study in sheep using radio labelled mercury showed that the   mercury was in fact this radioactive mercury isotope in the fillings.  They drilled the sheep’s teeth. they filled  them with silver fillings and they showed that  mercury was  mobilized to the brain  kidney and liver . We didn’t know what the molecular form is, we don’t know what it’s doing there but we suspect it’s up to no good. another source that’s  been in the paper lately is primerocol in vaccines   and it’s the subject  of some controversy I’m not going to comment  on that directly in my talk . It’s been implicated as a possible cause of some cases of what people have called autism.


Fortunately most childhood vaccines no longer have this mercury compound in them. my three kids, my first kid  is 8  he had quite a bit of primorcol, I addict know I wasn’t thinking about it in those days . my second kid I out a stop to it very early  but he still had  some from an early age , he’s 5 now and my  3 year old has had none whatsoever.


I’m going to be talking about things that are neuron toxic so I better define what that means for those of you who don’t know. When someone is neuro toxic it is a potent nuero toxin or it’s poisonous   to our nervous system including our brains and out peripheral nerves depending on how it manifests its poison. We are very worried all us when we think about fish, we are worried about how much mercury and how bad mercury in fish is for you. Fish are the primary source of mercury in our diets and they are the major source of a nuero toxic menthol mercury species.  This is well known. If you read the newspaper you’ll read boar methyl mercury and how it’s bad for you.


How much mercy mercury in your diet is safe?  For ages and   ages the EPA and the FDA disagreed on this. The FDA used to say eat lots of fish it’s very good for you and the EPA used to say f don’t eat fish it’s very bad for you. now  since march 2004  they have  issues a historic  advisory here’s the url if you’re interested , if anyone  don’t have time to write that down come and see  me and I’ll get it off the laptop and they said ” eat no more than two fish  meals per week and  don’t eat fish that are  high in mercury” . Which fish are high in mercury? There are things like large predatory fish, fish that eat other fish that are at the top of what’s called the food chain.  fishes like sharks , sword fish , king mackerel  many other kinds of fish  that re predatory fish , big  tuna  not the little ones  but the big ones contain a fair amount  of mercury .


Where does this information come from? How did they decide this? There were two very large studies involving more than 800 people in each of two island populations that are exposed to mercury in their diets.  in one, in the Pair islands , the Phair islands is in the north sea roughly half way between  the north  of Scotland and Iceland and this is a   shot of the phair islands. It’s too far north to have trees on it. It’s a relatively mild climate for something that far north because its right in the middle in the gold stream which keeps warm than it otherwise would be and in the pharaohs they eat a lot of mercury.  Basically mercury appears to be a problem. Very many of the pharirsees appears to be suffering from nuero problems or subtle probelem, they are not really bad otherwise they would start noticing it and start doing something about it but they appear to be affected by the mercury they are eating.


there’s a  second  study , a similar number of  people and done  in the same way and lots of the same parameters  were measured  in the say shells . The say shells is in the India Ocean and by comparison it’s a tropical paradise. Mercury appears not to be a problem in the say shells which is quite interesting. They have similar amount of mercury in their diet so they’re different.  W what did the EPA and FDA do? They chose the mercury study of the pharoos as a guideline, they chose the safe option.


It’s clear to use from out previous discussion that the molecular form matters and many factors could contribute. maybe there was difference n genetic factors , these are different  kinds of people , the pope  that live in the pharaohs are all Caucasians  whereas dark skinned people live in the say shells . They may be some sort of genetic factor, we don’t know. They could be a difference in their diet and in fact there is. Maybe different molecular forms are actually ingested or maybe there is something else that’s important and we will come back to this in a minute.  In the phairos they eat quite a bit of whale meat. there is a very controversial whale call that happens several times per  year un the pharaohs where large number  of  whales are  killed and they eat a substantial portion  of what they kill, the eat  a  lot of whale meat where as in the say shells   they eat  mainly fish.


If that’s important then it has impact for us because we don’t eat much whale meat, most of the work doesn’t eat whale meat these days.  This is just a cartoon I found somewhere on the web. It’s well known that metholmecurian fish is a problem but that’s only half the story it turns out.  Remember that molecules are important. Metholmecury what is it? This is what you might call methyl mercury and this is an <inaudible> that doesn’t exist. It’s an impossible molecular fragment. It might exist in a gas space with a positive charge on the mercury but it certainly doesn’t exist in our bodies, it doesn’t exist in animals, it doesn’t exist anywhere in our environment or fish for that matter. methyl mercury is half the story and it’s really not know what else is there e because we had to rely on conventional analysis to understand   what is in the fish and many possibilities exist and these are just some of the possible molecules that are risible it will be occurring in a biological system and I could draw thousands of them. There are many combinations which mercury could exit or methyl mercury could exist in a molecular form and we simply until recently didn’t know what it was.

Metals, Molecules, Life and Death


Neil: good evening  ladies and gentleman thanks all for coming out  on this evening  when there  is a lot of competition  with albert schazzenger speaking at the  republican   convention tonight . I congratulate you on your choice. Tonight we have a great lecture. This is Graham George who is in fact a defector from Slack.  He was with s for 11 years at our laboratory here and then was lured away mysteriously to Canada where it is cold and wet all the time rather than <inaudible>. I’m not quite sure why he did that there must have been a good reason for that.


Tonight graham is going to talk to us I believe about metal and fish. I spend a lot of my time, wasted a lot of my time trying to get metal into fish in the form of hooks without much success in it. I hope may   get some hints tonight. Let’s   have a big round of applause for graham.


Graham:  thank you very much Neil.  Tonight the title of my talk is metals, molecules, life and death. I want to tell you about metals, how they crop up in molecules and how these are important in our lives and how they can sometimes cause death.  What is a metal? Metals are very familiar they are all around us. This a picture of some stainless steel, a copper kettle, a coke can, a copper mug and some screws and we’re very familiar with them in our everyday lives.   If you look very closely at a metal then you will see that pure metals are composed of one kind of atom. This is chemist styled rendition. These little balls imp going to be showing you, a fair number of are all atoms and the little lies between them are where they are joined together with what is called chemicals bonds, which means they us attach to each other.


as I said pure metals are composed of just one kind of atom and this  what you might see  if you looked with a   very powerful structural tool but some of the  metal in this copper mug you will see a whole bunch of  individual copper atoms  all bound teach other . They are all around and they can occur not only in pure metallic form but also in molecules. I’m going to come back and tell you what molecules are in a moment but first I’m going to tell you some sources   of metals in our environment you can crudely divide them up.


One source of metals is natural sources. They occur in our environment through weathering of our rocks and minerals and they will be dissolved in natural waters, there are admitted by things called volcanoes, exotic metals in forms such as erratum penal fluoride, come out of the top of volcanoes, they also occur form manmade sources. There is a lot of interest in manmade sources of metal these days. Things like farming, organic farming metal is becoming important in that.  Other man made sources include miming operations where things like arsenic are released into the environment in incredible quantities sometimes.


What are the sources of humid exposure to metals? Mainly from our food and our drinking water and these are usually beneficial and sometimes they are not, we’ll talk about that later. These are usually benefice sources some metals we really need and I say more about that.  Often the bad sort of metal exposure is direct contact. You can see someone doing something a little unwise with a little bit of mercury.


Metals in humans, they have two basic roles they can fulfil. One is essential metals, we need metals to stay alive. It’s very important to us. most of us are at some time  have taken vitamins or mineral supplements , you will often see things like  copper , iron ,zinc ,  moletinum and selenium . We know that selenium is very important. I’m going to say at this point that I’ve been pretty generous in my definition of a metal. selenium is actually not a metal it’s  something called a metalloid but metals , molecules , life and  death sounded a lot better than metals, metalloids, life and  death so I’ve been a little bit generous . That is really for any chemist who is in the audience. I’m counting things like arsenic and selenium as metals for the purpose of this talk.


There are other metals. Some of these have toxic effects and here are some well-known ones that do, arsenic, mercury, lead and cagnium. These have no know role in our bodies. arsenic  may have, at the end I will answer questions  but I  can tell people the riles that arsenic  might have at the end  if they want to but I prefer that you didn’t  ask questions during the talk. Mercury has no known role at all in biology, cranium might be very important in turns out in controlling global carbon dioxide and how much it is dissolved in the ocean.  I’m not going to really say anything about that but it’s not important for us but it may be very important in our organism and just about any metal is toxic. If you take enough of it, it will do you harm.



As I mentioned earlier this is a flash back to a previous slide, metals are all around us they appear in metallic form but also molecules and these are the things I really want to talk about.  what’s a molecule, this is picture of a molecule and again the little round balls are atoms and this in the idle is a copper metal atom and in this case if you remember that previous picture is showed we had copper bound to a whole load of other coppers in this case we have copper bound to three of these   yellow atoms and these are sulphurs. it doesn’t really matter what they all are the point is this is a discreet entity, sits a discreet little  unit , packet of material if you like in which different atoms are arranged and  we call these things molecules.


How big are molecules? The length of the distance between the Couperin sulphur is about billions of an inch. These are pretty small things but they are very important as you see. Another example of a molecule occurs in us. Iron which is a metal as much of us know is essentially component of blood, it occurs in a protein called haemoglobin and here’s a picture of it. This is a cartoon representation where many of the atoms are drawn in this stylized ribbon, in fact there are lots of atoms all around   if I drew every atom in the picture it would look confusing to you. The important part I have drawn properly and you can see in the middle here is the atom of iron bound to four nitrogens in what we call a hemi group and it’s very important. It’s the thing that does the moving around of oxygen in our bodies. This is an essential thing for us to stay alive. We need iron, we can’t live without it and there are many thousands of ways in which we use different metals in our bodies.



What I want to concentrate on, this is really the main point of the talk that molecular form matters.  If I was to say arsenic to you what would you think of? Poison. That what everybody say. Everyone thinks of poison when they think of arsenic and this is a famous movie and it’s really infamous these are poison since the middle ages. it’s thought  to be responsible for numerous  deaths of important people including Napoleon Bonaparte, it  was possibly used by the Borges’s  in poisoning their denigrates , it’s also a leading candidate for infant cock deaths .  I can tell you more about that in the end I’m not going to mention it again in the talk about molecules are important. Sometimes arsenic is poisonous but sometimes it isn’t. Here is a cause where it is poisonous. This is lucidity, otherwise known as the Jew of death. it’s a wagers, this is a the  fore arm of a marine who  was in Iraq in 1991 was exposed to  small amounts  lucidity  that Sad am had at   that time in his possession. He rolled up his protective suit and his forearm was exposed   and you can see the short exposure to the small amount of Lucite caused all these nasty blisters. Its terrible stuff, its deadly poison if you ingest it will kill you. This is a very toxic arsenic molecule. The arsenic atom is this purple atom right here. The scientist name for is chloral vinyl arsine dye chloride.


There are other molecules such as arsine betain. Arsine betain you get in fish and in all sea food really. You get it in lobster, you get it in shrimp, and you get in in crab. Any kind of seafood that you take you have tot .02% in fish and that’s an awful lot but nobody ever worries about being poisoned by arsenic from eating fish and you shouldn’t worry about it either because it’s nontoxic. This is an example of an arsenic molecule that is not toxic at all.  It enters our bodies, circulates in our blood stream and during course it is excreted in the urine it doesn’t harm us it’s not a toxic compound and the difference is in the molecule. The molecule is very important. It’s the same eyelet if anyone is a chemist, they are even the same oxidation state. It’s the different molecule with the same element, different properties. Molecules are very import.


Another   example, everyone knows that mercury is one of the most toxic elements its almost common knowledge but not in all its molecular forms. Cinnabar is a good example of relatively nontoxic form of mercury. Here you can see a fragment of the structure, the local structure of cinnabar and you can see the shiny atoms, those are the mercury atoms and the yellow ones are actually sulphur. Cinnabar has been used in jewellery and here’s a pendant made of cinnabar. People have constructed drinking cups of cinnabar and drunk from them regularly and they have suffered no apparent short term effects from this exposure. I wouldn’t recommend drinking from cinnabar cups or wearing cinnabar jewellery but you can contrast it within this substance, dimethyl mercury and a few drops of this on your skin will kill you. It looks just like water, its a little clear liquid and you can see a little bit of it in this vial. Clearly here the difference is in the molecule, molecule matter. It’s very important what the molecule is.


It’s not just the metal that matter it’s also the molecule.  What molecule a metal is contained in affects absolutely every aspect of how it will affect us and our environment. Whether it is beneficial, toxic, or the nine. It’s vital to know the molecule form if we are to understand these things. Now I’m going to move on a little bit and say how can slack help. This is a picture of slack sites, many of you especially if you have been to earlier lectures will be familiar with this. This is the 280 freeway, this is the liana and the part of slack I’m going to talk about is this part down here which SSRL, the Stanford Singotorum Radiation Laboratory. I used to work there for 11 years and is still come back there to do experiments. `Herman Winnick gave you a lovely talk on April 27th maybe some of you were here, Singotorum Radiation, the light fantastic and here is the URL where you can find information and actually watch the lecture online if you wish.  This is that Stanford Singotrum Radiation laboratory and this can help us understand molecular form. It helps by being a source of what is called Singortrum radiation. This is a very intense beam of x-rays and here you can see this a short movie clip that has been taking of a beam of x-rays passing through air. You can see its emerging from here and there is a little moat of dust being caught in the beam here as it hits the beam stop over here.

Allergies and Asthma P2


That’s a normal, intestinal mucus membrane it would be an electronic <inaudible> picture and this is how it falls apart, how flat it is. It’s just as if it would be a cut her and down here we have the histamines producing cells.  Then they make permanent <inaudible>. The effect is allergies, depression, inflammation, eczema, headaches and susceptibility to infection all are <inaudible> to diseases.


this lady had this  severe eczema and it was  unfortunately allergic  against two things  dairy and  glutton and  it  was found that the fatty acids  could not be reabsorbed anymore because the much  membrane  they were so flat the <inaudible>  decreased. She couldn’t reabsorb the food elements because they are difficult to absorb. She began to drink 10ml of flaccid oil and she just fed herself more or less with <inaudible> and several months later she looked ice this.  The eczema was gone.


The Swiss Secret is no longer a secret, it’s a simple thing. I like to come to the united starts and there is one guy who I am very much impressed with, John Wayne. This guy he was already confronted with difficult guys. The ones who he had to fight against thaw worlds. He had the difficult cases. Like myself, I only get difficult cases.  John Wayne he just shot out of the waist and they fell down.


This is what I need. I need a moth d which I can just shoot out of the hip at these difficult guys, difficult diseases and 80% of the times the disease would fall down. It’s very easy and I found   Dr Rau’s   Jin Wayne method of nutrition, no dairy, no wheat and no sugar. This is the most important. The ones are less important.


If you follow this for three weeks strictly they will feel much better. More than 60% of the people who come to me they are not the average people. They are the   sick ones, the difficult guys, they couldn’t be helped with normal methods so they are the negative selection.  When I measure in our patients the food allergens we are more than 90% of the patients who come but no   single one of them know that he or she   is severely food allergic.


Just eat different and I tell them this just do this for three weeks. After three weeks they   say “I have less headache, I sleep better”. of the diarrea or the asthma is still there continue for another   three weeks and then after nine weeks  I would say 8% of them are much better,.


They begin to feel that their basic disease of <inaudible> gets better slowly. Afterwards I can test if they are still allergic, <inaudible> and then specifically treat. This is what I describe in my book. It’s very simple.


We have different diagnosis means, like the <inaudible>, the food testing the blood and very important the intestinal flora. The intestinal flora is so important.  Did you know you have more intestinal bacterial cells than we have human cell. This skin bag that you see here called Thomas Rau is a bacteria bag, has some Thomas Rau cells but has about 100 times more bacteria than Thomas Rau cells.


Bacteria are helpers, detoxifiers, immune stimulators and not reading diseases. Only if they are no longer healthy wrong bacteria can overcome. Only if   in your garden the grass is not food weed comes up. If the grass is good no weed will be there that’s exactly the same thing in your intestinal system too and its describes in his book very simply. It tells you how you can do   the detox eek. How you can do the three weeks cure to change the intestine and the metabolism and how you can maintain it.


The maintaining thing is the most crucial thing on the long term.  You have to thin different and I always get asked about the scientific background. If you want to get to the source you have to swim upstream. Pioneers don’t have road map therefore I can’t show   studies which other doctors did because they haven’t done this yet.


Thank you so much for coming to my presentation. We will answer some questions and I am hoping to see you in beautiful Switzerland. Thank you very much.


Audience: the sulphur that you mentioned that is in the meat is that something that’s naturally <inaudible> or is that something in the food when they are fed?


Dr: they are foods which have more sulphur and they are a constitution of patients who tend to bind and mule and utilize the sulphur and these patients they suffer a lot. They get more mucus, skin problems. The highest concentration of sulphur is in meat especially pig meat. that’s why we suggest to not eat  pig meat but many preservatives that  are used for meat conservation  for example when you have ham from a in which looks so beautifully red they pump sulphur containing things into the <inaudible> so that it comes from  inside and this preserver this fresh rd. colour.  To reduce sulphur we say less meat.



audience : I’m wondering if you would say something about <inaudible> some of the contaminates  that are in foods  today such as hormones  , antibiotics  in meat and pesticides  for example peanuts<inaudible>. Some of a relationship to <inaudible>


dr: there is the principle food allergy and  there , I don’t know  the real word   which makes the effect of the allergen more  which I tried to explain which are preservatives.  All the anti <inaudible> or the anti-fungi remedies which spray on the <inaudible> or on wheat. The animal concentrates a toxic or a preservative or a hormone about factor 80. If a cow is fed with grain to make good muscles and to grow quickly they give grain. The grain they retreat with herbicides or insecticides so that grows quickly.


The grain is normally genetically altered so that I t makes more glutton and protein. This cow gets a clinically, genetically changes d protein kind and concentrates these preservatives or whatever it might be its substance so in milk or in its meat. of a  cow is kept in  calf to produce real meat then the cow that gives the milk is fed with  such grains  that produces milk and he milk  concentrates 80 times .  So we have 80 times 80 which makes 6400 more times concentration than what was in the beginning.


That’s what we eat and we still believe that we are healthy. My strong belief is that we are not healthy.


Audience: <inaudible> organic nuts. Organic nuts can still be a probable allergen, do you think it’s because of the mild that naturally occurs in nuts that makes people more susceptible to nuts even though it may be organic?


Dr: ii believe in a ways it’s the same question. You ask if the mould which is on these nuts because when you preserve the nuts they are very good cultures for mould. I think the mould allergy can be important too. This we can also test. we have  IGE test , its another kind of allergy against mould/  for example if you have an allergy to wall nuts or  peanuts which I s quite frequent in the untie d states and you feel li half an hour or two after eating  then  its most likely a mould  allergen  not the nut itself . The nut itself would be IGE and only begin to work in three days.


Audience: <inaudible>the oil in nuts gets rancid so quickly in the nuts.


Dr: the nuts contains a lot of food oils but they can get rancid.  This you will feel when you eat them.




Dr: yes but where do you get them from?


Audience <inaudible>. Is this an issue?


Dr:  the question of this sentiment was is the gene modified food a problem or an issue in relation to heat I explained. That’s a very difficult question. I can’t observe and follow long enough. As you sat correctly in Europe there is much more controversy. For example in Switzerland we had a public vote, the population asked for a public vote and the gene moderated food is now forbidden.


I don’t have the experience. What I know is the   gene moderation for example   for grains and wheat makes much more glutton. When you look at the main allergen it has shifted since the last twenty years some is started to research the food allergy. When I began this whole thing, when I learnt from DR Burt man who found an out about all these then he said glutton is not really important, nuts and eggs are   important.


Now days it’s absolutely different the main allergen is cow dairy, the second is glutton and the glutton allergies have increased very much. they create skin diseases , asthma and hay fever and these  things as I have explained but they also cause neurological  problems ADD, nervousness, hyper irritability of children and also adults  haves very often relation to the gluten.


This comes because the glutton containing in the bred went up by factor 3. In Germany the gluten 60% of the bread, this changed from 20% to 60% in the last 30 years and this makes the bread so good.


Audience: are you saying that this is a learnt allergy or a genetic allergy? Secondly as a child I was <inaudible> dairy was <inaudible> to be allergic to build an immunity to. I assume your thesis is the opposite of that. If so how do you respond to their thesis?


Dr: this is a very professional question you asked. I’ll repeat, is it better <inaudible> to increase this allergen?  So that your body gets used to it. That was the old approach. The idea of desensibilizaton which is still done with the skin de sensibilization. When the children get hay fever they get pollen in inbreeding dosage. This is as a treatment on different level and it works.


The problem is that you do not really change the cause of the allergy which is always in the intestines. For several allergies it does not work and that the basic food allergens.


These allergies which you determine in your childhood. within the first 18 months the intestines are leaky and if you eat something  which is not correct for the body , it’s a  foreign protein and the baby  is feet it then this works as  an allergen and makes the  t cell memory cell. These allergy that remain you can’t de sensitize them.  that’s against the food components  that you got in the first 10-18 months of your life  which is normally grain products or egg products and now days the dairy products.



The cow’s milk have a protein which the human milks doesn’t   have. It’s the beta <inaudible> and this protein is a highly allergies substance.  Therefore when a baby is breast fed and gets early in his or her life the foreign body of cow milks then the allergy gets fix but t this is always an intestine allergy and it remains lifelong.


We believe that children should   not be fed with cow’s milk until the age of 12-18 months.


Audience: what’s your experience with acid reflux or heart burn?


Dr: the heart burn that comes from the stomach is acid reflux. This normally is a phenomenon. It can be when he muscle is not tight, the <inaudible> doesn’t closes and the <inaudible> comes back. Especially after the acid <inaudible> or a protein rich meal. Then it comes back because you’ve too much acidity.


On a long term it is very east to treat. You would just change the diet so that the body <inaudible> but it takes a certain time.


In him first 6-12 weeks you really need to take a lot of alkaline   powder which binds the acidity in the stomach. After that you produce less acidity in the stomach then you don’t need these remedies anymore, it’s quite the long process.


In the beginning diet<inaudible> alkaline powder to bend the acidity. Perhaps in heavy cases in the beginning even for several weeks continuation of the orthodox remedies but afterwards you can first reduce orthodox remedies then you can reduce the alkaline powders if you continue the diet. It’s easy but longer term. I would say it works always.


Audience: when you refer to glutton you refer to wheat only. What about <inaudible>?  Do they have a substitute grain that the <inaudible>.


Dr: that’s a good question. The celiac disease is a disease which occurs in about 1% of the people. It increased also from about 1 per mil to 1%. It’s quite frequent now a days that children have celiac disease and this mean that they are specifically allergic to glutton.  Glutton is in wheat, in rye and in others. Opts not <inaudible> and not in Kong or rice. Therefore the glutton affects people or children, the Celia children or the half celiac. The adults who have glutton sensitivity, they are not classical celiac. That’s why he orthodox, gasteontologist they say they are not glutton allergic because they don’t respond to the glutton test nu they are still glutton sensitive very much and    they have more glutton intake the feel much better.


They have to eat <inaudible> or rice or <inaudible>, or bark wheat. These are the glutton containing wheat. This is in my book.


Audience: <inaudible>


Dr: I do not believe that many people are allergic to flax seed oil. I think the ones that are so called allergic they just can’t break up. Their intestinal membranes are too flat still so that they can utilize this oil. Oil is not every easy to absorb and oil can only be absorb if you have a good bile production. the liver and bile production has to be  good and if you   do on this flax seed allergy or non-well absorbing , if you do give them a  liver or bile treatment with bitter substance <inaudible> which activate the bile flow then it normally works .


Allergies and Asthma


for those of you who don’t know me  my name is Desa Vanderhogan  and I’m the executive  director of the Marion Institute. The Marion Institute is a member based, non-profit that acts as an incubator for a diverse array of programs and serendipity projects that seeks to find a solution fort the root cause of an issue in the realms of sustainability and social justice. We have seven programs and thirteen serendipity projects both locally and globally. We work with individuals, schools and communities to help change in areas   of health and healing, sustainability, green economics, environmental education, spirituality and much more.


As one of the Marion Institute seven programs   , the biological medicine network BNM is dedicated to the health and healing and is the North American representative for biological medicine. BNM is dedicated   to the vision of complete health and wellbeing through the advancement, accessibility and widening availability of biological medicine. The doctors and auctioneers of BMN advocate taking personal responsibility for your health. BNM recognises the need to have alternative forms of healing in this world that has become so keen on quick fixes without addressing the root cause of the problem.


The program uses biological in its title because it literally, means the logic of nature. By listening to the body and observing the environments in which we live, biological medicine freeze our natural healing systems to do what they were intended to do rejuvenate, replenish and restore.


A biological medicine diagnosis does not need the same cookie cutter, cure all approach for each person. Instead biological medicine treats the person not just the ailment. With many allergens peeking in September it is perhaps perfect timing for DR Rau to be speaking with us today. September is actually the time in which asthma related hospitalizations and death rise particular towards the end of the month when rag weed and leaf mould are in full swing.


With the start of school, we also become exposed to a number of air borne toxins that our children bring home from pet dander to dust mites. In addition there also has been a rise in food related allergies. Birth of these types of allergies can trigger asthma flare ups.  According to the World Health Organization, asthma affects an estimated 3 million people worldwide and is responsible for approximately 250 000 deaths annually.


As we modernize it seems that allergies and asthma rates are only increasing. Perhaps the steroids, inhaler and anhistomines are not where the answers lie to this growing epidemic our environment and ea. ting habits are all things it take into further consideration. Tonight DR Rau will discuss how allergies and asthma represent deep disturbances in the immune system. The underline premise of the Marion Institute is to address an issue starting from its root and to provide solution.


We believe that biological medicine addresses the problem from its root and heals the body from the inside out. The stresses of modern society are increasingly toxic environment and lack of appropriate nutrition all contribute to our current health crisis.


We feel biological medicine addresses them systematically and individually. I will like to take a quick second to thank the board of directors in the Marion Institute, co-founders Mikey and Margie Baldwin and the Marion Institute’s director of biological medicine network Barbara Christian who works tirelessly to improve the health of the people in North America.  I will also like to thank DR Thomas Rau for being here too share with us this important information in his expertise in these topics tonight. as one of the world’s leading doctors of biological medicine , founders of  Parcel’s biological medicine , author of the  Swiss Secret to optimal Health ,  proud  owner off a  Harley Davidson and the chief medical   director  of the  Parcel’s  clinic in Switzerland  we are  thrilled that you have taken the  time and are committed to spreading your knowledge , intuition and love into this community . hopefully this is the  first of  many bio med  lectures in New Bedford  and without further ado I would like to welcome  our guest of  honour, an implementer of mother nature’s will to heal , a slayer of toxins  and healer and advocate from   <inaudible> worldwide Dr Thomas Rau.


Dr: many thanks that you cam ego this lecture. There is even on guest here from Norway.  I said “are you here by chance?” and he said “no I only came for you “. Thank you so much for a organising since many years, all my speeches and my seminars and Dees thank you for those beautiful word and introduction and for doing to the work for the Marion Institute.


I had a big chance  in my life to meet the founders of the Marion Institute about  years and Marie and Michael Baldwin and by  having this relationship it grew an d so the  stem of seminars and the hundreds of patients came together  who  have benzene to the Parcel’s clinic in Switzerland  in the last 15  years. Now it’s more than hundreds of patients per year from the United States who come over to Switzerland to get treated. This year it will probably be 150 patients form he united starts and we are very proud that we have this opportunity and this nor to treat those patients. <Inaudible> who really absolutely off the track and takes this effort to come her end I would say it’s just the case of who hasn’t been successful in orthodox medicine. Most of them had a big experience already, years of disease before they came to us.


Now comes the question what is different then and about this I would lie to talk a little bit to you. I’m not alone here the next days we will be doing two big seminars close by here. It’s one of the series of educational seminars we do for many years for occurs and practitioners and my dear friend and partner Dr Frank Lewis, Mr <inaudible> is also here. If you have questions please ask him. He works in the clinic for several years too.  So to say he is the American doctor who treats American   patients.


biologically the right way  and to understand biological medicine its imprimatur   to understand the background  and what we are thinking g. we never  treat diagnosis , we never tart a  disease , we always treat the person and we always treat the backgrounds , the reason why   the patient got a disease .


The Parcel’s clinic for the ones who don’t know us yet is a clinic in Switzerland, it about one hour east of Zurich. We are located in the pre all’s in a very beautiful area and landscape. Parcells’ exists for 52 years and it’s by now the biggest centre for biological medicine in the German speaking world. We treat out and we treat in.   Number wise, the bigger part is the out patients who come from Switzerland and from the area. Normally we have about 10-35 in patients who live close b out hotel and are treated for 1-3 weeks in our clinic.


These patients they normally have difficult disease in which they were not successful before or it just <inaudible> or chronicle diseases but also acute diseases for example asthma or allergy. I always say I’m happy to get a patient who has asthma and allergy because this I east. The healing chances are very high as you hear from many other patients. It’s easier to change the little things and then you asthma gets significantly better.


myself , perhaps  I will tell you a little bit more afterwards when  I have time, I’m a severe asthma patient  myself and I have  absolutely no ore asthma. If I fall back into bed, <inaudible>, which means wrong food or not caring for certain things which are the causes of my asthma then it comes back after a certain time.


The condition <inaudible> stays but by changing your <inaudible> it can just be totally compensated.  before for example when I was a child I could never go in a windy summer day , I could never go outside  or go to the  swimming pool it would  be impossible because  I had asthma . Now she told you I have a Harley Davidson. I like to drive around and I don’t have the slightest bit of asthma even if it is a windy summer day because I just obeyed my <inaudible> and I do these things which I’m not allowed.


We have here some addresses, when you have questions please don’t hesitate to ask. If you are interested you can also   go to the webpage Parcells’s clinic  is quite big , we have  9 e medical doctors , 3 dentist by now and quite a big staff of 85 [e[le permanently  who work f of r us and with us . the team  ids very big because we need al lo t  of therapist , nurses because we of a lot  of IVs , we do a lot t  of treatment which our nurses do on the patient.


Our hotel provides the correct food. Foods is the most important thing in allergies and asthma. to recognise  individually what kind food you are sensitive , what  is the  background allergy  because what expresses as asthma , what expresses as  hay fever, what t  expresses as a high tail fever or whatever allergy I you might have  there is always an intestinal problem  or  intestinal allergy which  in most time is the basis  of your secondary allergy which expresses as asthma. The diagnosis to show which foo d you are sensitive to because you don’t notice.  Which food are sensitive to – this has needs,

specific diagnosis and afterwards  a change of diet that you have learn  but most of the times its very simple at the end of the speech I will tell you what in most cases you have to avoid.


During the sat in our beautiful clinic you get this diet for a certain time and you fee; that allergy and asthma is away within several weeks. Who   treats differently has to think differently. If you would not think differently we would have the approach <inaudible>. This is not our thinning. If you approach this way jest replace a chemical remedy it a plant or natural remedy it   wouldn’t work because that’s the wrong approach. We have to move the e abuses and not the effect, this is the basics of or treatment,


Our program is very individualized. Therefore we never treat diagnosis. If you come with an allergy, if you come with rheumatoid arthritis or whatever you have you get treated differently than you get because we retreat the metabolism, we treat your individual system and never the diagnosis, never the expression. Especially in a disease which has no know n cause.  It gets difficulty because what would do we treat if we don’t know the cause.


It makes you more alert because it changes your inner system, it changes your acid base, it changes your up building system, and it changes the whole body not only the organ with the disease.  That’s why the whole body also includes the brain and the brain gets healthier and you feel more alert without methods.


It makes you heal from chromo disease, if you have something wise you will feel that it gets better too. It makes you less susceptible to diseases and infections. It’s very important for children who have infection. They lose this susceptibility. We know that in Switzerland and the united states it’s not better and also the same for Germany where   a verge child get 4.5 times per year antibiotics.  the average child  Switzerland  and I’m sure here it’s the same  gets antibiotics  4 times per year , anti – against , bio – life, against its life system.


Understanding that ant biotic are needed against bacteria because the bacteria causes the disease that’s not true. We need our bacteria’s and the bacteria don’t cause the diseases. The disease is caused but the wrong in you which you have inside yourself   and on this wrong bacteria can grow but the bacteria is not the cause.


It rebuilds tissues within months, that the rebuilding thinking. In orthodox medico it unfortunately doesn’t have the rebuilding thinking that each organ rebuilds all the time and it bring s you away foremost remedies. That’s why they fight against it because our patients no longer need remedies and it makes you look and feel younger, for most people that is the most imprimatur thing. It’s also an anti-aging medicine by itself.  Does it really work? We don’t speak now of allergies but yes it worked. About 95% of our 250 prostate cancer with high PSA were highly satisfied with our biological treatment after 5 years.


if a patient  with breast cancer  stage one comes to us and we have the opportunity to treat e this patient  for long term , these patient have a  very high chance not to get <  disease, in our more than 200 breast cancer  patient who came in this w y to us we didn’t have a case who at least as  far as I know , who got <inaudible> within  the next several  years  and <inaudible>  colitis which does  in the immunity sector of diseases like asthma <inaudible>  are in 2-3 years  are 80% healed.  These are there kinds of diagnosis which from orthodox medical stand point are every difficult to treat.


Why does our treatment heal asthma and allergy and here I can really say healing within 2 years because we try to detect and move the causes of the disease. food allergies  is the most frequent back ground for asthma and other allergies, heavy metals , mineral deficiencies  and hyper  acidity  and wrong  intestinal flora .  We look at these point which is very important for other diseases too. Until now if the theme for today would have been cancer or colitis or osteon arthritis or whatever disease the speech would have been the same because it is very basic.

When we look at this point who are the most frequent causes   of allergies are other <inaudible> diseases for example rheumatoid arthritis would be exactly the same list then we see that these causes are very frequent.  We see heavy metal in 80% of all our patients, at least heavy metals are very important. When you go to our new web page, I tried to make   simple texts there   w. what makes the disease text is the most important thing and people get more and more toxic now adapts. Not only we have a higher <inaudible> bit load we have a lesser detoxification system.


what it  detoxifies, what takes all these loading   factors out of our body is the intestinal bacteria  but if we already begin in children to destroy the  intestinal bacteria , with this anti biotic ,  they wold be the main detoxifier  of the body, hey would  work like a  blossom paper and absorb the  toxins  <inaudible> but we do have them anymore.


If we look at asthma patients and we look at <inaudible> and we measure their intestinal bacteria we always see that their intestinal bacteria is destroyed, at least much less that should be. children   who gets  sick all the time when the up built  their intestinal flora, when  we try to do a  simple detoxification and when we take their food allergen  away then they are the healthiest in the classes after 1-2 years , they  no longer get sick and of course  they don’t need  any antibiotics anymore.


We know that allergies are in relation to histamines that’s why you have to take anti histamines but what is the best anti histamines? Zinc is one of the elements. Zinc is a natural histamine. There are statistical numbers even in the United States, by state statistical numbers as we have in Switzerland our health department makes statistics. They see they have been looking since 1950 at what is the intake of the patients of the average America. I think you have such numbers also, our grandfathers in 1950 they ate 45 grams average per day and they had a minerals and chase element intake of 10%.


Now, 60 days later we have a mineral and trace mineral intake of 22% and the protein intake of 300%. The balance is different from 60 years ago. Even though we believe that we have healthy food, its extreme unhealthy and it takes away the basis for anti-allergic activity in it body because we don’t have the elements anymore.


It’s a significant difference that’s why now a days you have to look at what you eat and you have to supply this. on the argument  “if I eat health then everything will get better ”  probably you will start to egret a little bit  better , if you  take these correct things , which we at Parcel’s can specifically find what you need  we can  upgrade and  then with healthy diet you can maintain .


They hyper acidity come from too much protein intake. Why does it <inaudible> because it follows three items. Firstly the mufti causality of the diseases. Nobody knows why you have rheumatoid arthritis, nobody knows why you have cancer, it’s not known hay asthma occurs it just comes from inside. It’s a disease of unknown cause.  Because it does not have one cause, it has causes that the important thing.


This is what our medicine nowadays doesn’t reflect on. Diseases now are multi causal. We have to act on May causes for example <inaudible> rheumatoid arthritis. Nobody knows its cause that’s why we can’t do anything g but if we look for the patient. What can be the loader factor we find heavy   metals.


Now as we have this diagnosis it’s based on many of different factors.  Let’s take the allergy as an example the allergy to cat   hair or to clone our hay fever everybody knows that in pollen they make this allergy, the case is the <inaudible> but why don’t have? You are exposed also. It can’t be only this. Why do you react as much to something   which everyone is confronted? The pollen is not the cause. The histamine is the cause and that’s why you have to take anti histamines and then you will get better.



If you take antihistamines your alertness decreases. In this case you will have to take <inaudible>, this doesn’t decrease the alertness.  If you take <inaudible> it will destroy the bones, it destroys your adrenal glands and your stress   capacity goes down.


This is only one aspect.  Let’s look at the <inaudible>. What is   and where comes this histamines which your body produces. It makes your nose congested a, it makes you cough and makes you have fever. Interestingly enough iota id produce in the intestines and makes a basic levels of histamines. by any factor  when  you are confronted with  your allergen , the pollen  or the cats or whatever might be the  allergen it becomes a little  bit higher and then the diseases spreads but the causes is that you have too much histamine  production this histamine production can  be changed if the intestine gets healthier. You have to work on the intestine so that they can produce less histamine. I will show you how to do it afterwards.



We can even find out if this is the case in you. Is it really from the intestines? we  can test the  intestine and  mucus  membrane surface  w, we can test  the intestinal  bacteria , we can test the food allergen ,  its simple test . I don’t understand why all the doctors don’t do this. of you have  am mineral deficient including   zinc,, including magnesia , including <inaudible> , all these  elements that are counteracting  the his times if they are low the  histamine expresses.


We have a second approach, we can increase the natural anti histamine minerals by correct food and by analysing this hair mineral analysis, blood analysis if you really need them or not.  We can test all these things in the Parcel’s clinic in Switzerland.  The intestinal flora binds the toxin. It makes a ceiling in your intestinal surface and if the intestinal flora is all over the intestinal mucus membrane like the grass on the football feed then if it covers the whole intestinal mucus membrane then the histamine can’t be <inaudible>. It produces less of this histamines because the intestinal flora like the grass on the football field binds it and baffles the whole thing.  therefore if you have a decrease   intestinal flora  you will get much more <inaudible> diseases because your  immune system is depending  on this intestinal flora  but you being  already as a child   using four times  the anti-biotic  , four times per year. It’s a very strong treatment. you are against  your intestinal system .


Who wonders that the same children some years later they get allergies, they get asthma or they get even higher <inaudible> diseases. Did you know that the <inaudible> diseases are the fastest progressing diseases in the American children?  They get <inaudible> rheumatoid arthritis, <inaudible>, colitis. I have rheumatoid arthritis children at the age of twelve. This is absolutely abnormal.  This is the disease of old people not of children.


<Inaudible> colitis, I have girl who is twelve years old. she was told  if we didn’t get effective in our <inaudible>  and other   immune suppressive  remedies and <inaudible>  she didn’t grow anymore   because of the cortisone  perhaps sooner or later we have to remove  the <inaudible>. Two years later no more diapered, no more medication. We found the cause <inaudible> intestinal flora, found the food allergen, removed it out of the diet and the girl is healed.


It’s always the same, heavy metals are very important, nutrition is therefore so important.  This thinking fits for many diseases asthma, arthritis, <inaudible>, allergy, it is always the same background d which we have to work none. therefore  of someone comes to our clinic even before  I see him or her   we do  a stool taste , we do the intestinal flora , we do the heavy metal , testing, we  do the food allergy testing  from the first day so that we can  specifically treat and change the  internal <inaudible>.  Therefore after several weeks the patient gets better,


The key to getting health is by regulation. This means the body can fix many things by itself, this is call regulation. A very simple example of regulation is temperature regulation. Now we have very comfortable temperature here.  Your inner thermostat is fixed on 98 Fahrenheit. If you go to Arizona outside is 120 but still 98 inside. Where is the cooling system here?  If you go to Montana in the winter time -30 and still inside its 98 Fahrenheit.


The same system heats or cools. This means regulation. There is somehow, however a thermostat. There is somehow, somewhere a heating system which is in the liver and the muscles and the intestines and there is a cooling system which cools you down, this is in the skin   by sweating. How do you know that you have to activate this or the other? There’s is a sensor somewhere.  You have it in the nose. Inside the nose you feel how much the temperature is and the program tells you now you have to cool or you have to heat.


This is perfect regulation. We have thousands of examples of this. Did you ever think about making heat inside or cooling?  Do you think about pulse? Do   you think about breathing?  Do you think about equilibrium?  Never. There are people who can’t do this, they think it turners but it doesn’t turn. They have no more temperature regulation. The stool doesn’t function by itself any more or they have diapers. These are all disturbances in the uncurious functions.


Theses unconscious functions are destroyed because of such things.  There comes a patient with severe <inaudible>, sever vertigo, severe diapers but nobody finds the cause. we  measure all these things  we  find multi plea  causes and we remove <inaudible> and the diaper disappears, the vertigo disappears because it takes a  long time until  the second approach  of different thinking , the rebuilding of the  new cell appears.


Did you know that in seven years n not a single cell is the same as it is now? You are not just the marble tile, marble pillar. It is only orthodox medico that says “there is a disease   and this stars like the <inaudible> narrowing and therefore we have to replace, we have to make by pass or we have to stretch it out “.


Even the arteries, even the joints, even the brain cells, even the eye cells they rebuild. If you want them to rebuild better so that you have better organs toy have to feed them better. And support all what they need for rebuilding better and remove what they had so they will not get so sick.


if you look at the regulation blocking things then  you see  toxins , heavy metal , hyper acidity  and hyper propane  it is always the same things which we find.  Therefore we look if a patient   comes and have a disease for example very life limiting pain, <inaudible> or <inaudible>. The disease expresses and makes the symptoms.


As a good doctor I will just take a cup and catch this eater which overflows symbolically but we do differently. We take the big Paracell’s drill and we make a hole in here and the load reduces and after a certain time the symptoms and disease will be gone.


a patient come with  asthma and after three weeks our  patient , an example which I have very   often in  our clinic I used to be a rheumatologist and I used to have a lot of rheumatoid patients. Therefore I attract rheumatoid arthritis, and colitis, all these <inaudible> patients. They come to our clinic with asthma and after 2 or three weeks they feel better. Be careful you will go home and all these things which shake your barrel will be back in your life again.  Even though the water is here now after three weeks if you have something which makes a big shake in your barrel it   will over flow again.  You will have less but still re occurrence.


This could occur because it takes many months until the barrel gets less and less fled.  This is a process of many months normally even if we treat very intensively. It’s just something that you have to know.  Biological medicine works, it’s absolutely amazing how it works if we do me very swiftly but it takes time. If you want to be basically healed then you have to spend a certain time and that’s why you can’t come to us for six mutants. Of course we would like this but you can’t because of time, because of other obligation, because of money but   we have to do a very intensive treatment for two or three weeks.


This <inaudible> begins ether empting of the barrel, of the toxic loads, the rebuilding of the cells but afterwards you gave to continue. that’s why I would like to have   colleagues here in the  united  states who will  help  to continue the treatment  that’s why I come here to  do seminars and  networking .


You have to change our diet continuously there are a lot of other causes which we can see for example the dental problems   which we very often see in patients. that’s  why we integrate  in  our clinic biological  dentistry then we do the  dark  foil where we see the hyper acidity . It’s a very good tool, it’s such a good tool that in certain states of the United States it’s forbidden because there would be nowhere to go if the people were really healed. it’s a very good tool that shows  quickly what the  patient  has and we have  the <inaudible> but this I have to chump over  because it’s a little bit of much .  It’s a test that shows us if the patient has a food allergy or inflammation or even cancerous tendencies.


Heavy metal detoxification removing the amount of <inaudible>, not only the removing but removing   correctly and afterwards draining. Draining means detoxifying and all the things that are counteracting this heavy metal, this taxi element we have to give too. For example <inaudible> zinc, vitamin c and allergies. Allergies is very important because it replaces this detoxification effect of the intestinal bacteria.


If you want to up build our own <inaudible> and paper in our intestines, the intestinal flora   it takes several months. For this time until you are so far we give to the patient something that replaces them and works to absorb the toxin allergies.   All the patients who have neurological disease like <inaudible>, brain defines, Parkinson, <inaudible> they always have fatty acids and vitamin deficiencies. They need oils, they need omega three and six but specifically and in a very high dosage hyper acidity… this comes from diet and ha to be treated too. These are the three most frequent process of all chronic diseases.



The intestines are so important and it shoes that ethyl are the intestinal bacteria, they are the main factors for our stimulation of the immune system, the very most import stimulators of the immune system.  All of what I tell you now is in my book The Swiss Secret. It’s this book that tells you about all these backgrounds but also what to do with nutrition so that you can change this factor.


The intestinal flora are our detoxifier.  I told you the most important cause from chronic disease is toxic load but how do you normally detoxify with the intestinal flora. therefore when you continuously destroy the intestinal flora by wrong nutrition,   by preservatives into the nutrition, by long shelf time food which you buy in the shops, with anti-biotic which you get from where it might be then it destroys you immunity system, it destroys also the detoxification system and the barrel foils and ten years later you get sick with cancer, <inaudible>, chronic brain diseases.


Do you ever think about   why do we have millions of Alzheimer’s? Why didn’t they   exist ten or twenty years ago?  Does this have to do with the toxic load?  Yes of course it has.  Does it have something to do with the decrease in take of very good fatty acids, food for the brain? If you don’t feed your brain cells over the years they degenerate and they get old.  I’ll give you an example that it works without anti biotic. I had a patient she had a basic allergic phenomenon, a very sever disease, <inaudible> pneumonia who like asthma destroys the lungs on a long term, makes <inaudible> and reoccurring inflammations.  What we did on this is patient, she has been in essence to all the specialist with this <inaudible> pneumonia and she as on permanent steroids, permanent anti biotic and still this young lady had <inaudible>. She couldn’t breathe, she couldn’t walk up the stairways to my office.


We found parasitic forms in the dark fields, we found a sever change in the intestinal flora system and we treat it. I did not treat the lung, I only traded her <inaudible>, the nutrition, the up building of the intestinal flora and colonics, rebuilding, washing out the intoxication. After two weeks this was the dark field instead of this. It’s a different magnification but you can see how much less it’s loaded.  If you are doctors or professionals you can see within two weeks that this   chronic pneumonia is <inaudible> changed significantly. Even though I took was the cortisone and the antibiotics and she is still healed after ten years. How can they do in parcels with such an unscientific treatment?


When you hear the ethic of this doctor, member of the doctor society of Switzerland. “So unpruned and unscientific.”  . That’s an argument I hear all the time and nobody really cares if our patients are healed not.   The intestinal mucus membrane are the biggest organ in the human bod. They have very fast lead generation time, they produce hormones and Nero transmitoes.



If you have a brain it decreases alertness. If you depressed you have <inaudible>. These are the fatty substances which   is provided from a good nutrition. They came from the intestines and <inaudible> they come from the intestine. You can give your food to your nerve cells and your brain cells by changing this intestinal system because then the serotonin, then the dopamine, all these substances they increase and histamine decreases. They are the home of the regulation system.



Very important the insentient is the site of the t lymph cells. New born, 98% of all immune cells are in he intestinal walls. Of course we gave the <.>, and the lymph glands as well but 98% is in the intestine of the new born. School age children still 98%, old people like we are 98% of the immune cells are in the intestinal walls. .


If you have a decrease intestinal surface the wall will be too small.  Of you have decrease in intestinal surface, the healing cells which are the immune cell s which you would need for your asthma, which you would need for your allergies will be decreased? Destruction of the intestinal wall leads to immune weakness, <inaudible> diseases or cancer.


Let’s look at these  children who get anti biotic  four times for the year  afterwards it still not better and  we  even  get antibiotics, if the cancer   rate perhaps goes up by four  or what  is already the case  after

This practise of giving intestinal wall destroying things <inaudible> diseases goes up like crazy.


We have an epidemic of <inaudible>, <inaudible>. It’s the disease which have the strongest increase in numbers in the United States. Your immune just <inaudible> crazy and begins to react against whatever organ.  This is then called auto <inaudible> disease.


Why and how do we destroy it? If this is all true what I say. The consequence would be that in our population we will have a big destruction ft. the intestines and that’s the case. Therefore we began in our clinic with just testing everybody.  Anyone who comes to the clinic gets tested for food allergy and what did we find? 60% of the population is food allergic.


I called the biggest lab in Germany who does this test. “Everybody is food allergic” the doctors in this lab in Mines told me. “That’s a fact now a days”

“But what does that mean and why content   you know that you are food allergic “because it’s a t cell allergic. It’s an allergy that fixes on this intestinal immune cell but they react three days after they get confronted.  If you are a food allergic against milk like I or pizza and you take a dairy product you will feel it three days after.


Even more important you get this food normally every day.  you don’t feel it because you are in a permanent t cell reacting situation and you don’t feel it anymore because you get so used to it but the intestinal wall destroy and destroys . Even the <inaudible> they know that until you only have the first symptoms of intestinal disease like food allergy you need to agave your intestinal surface reduced by 1/3 before you didn’t have any symptom. These patients they don’t have the symptoms on the intestines.  Nearly no food allergy patient tells me about intestinal systems. They tell me about hay fever, asthma, about infections susceptibility, joint pains, headaches, migraines but the cause is   intestinal food allergy.


if you look at  all our patients  and hits <inaudible> I just measured  I just asked this doctor ” what do  you find on your food allergy test that’s ?” that’s  the one who does  it for the whole of Germany and  Switzerland, he says ” always cow’s milk , wheat and nuts”. Simple things which we eat every day.  Secondarily which increases the effect of this <inaudible> food allergen is the phosphate increase. Cocoa and <inaudible> contains these substances w hic preserves the taste which makes this strong taste, it’s a strong acid, the sulphate as a persuasive.


The sulphate in meats is another element that can hurt very much and are <inaudible>   but very important is the sulphate in drinks. Therefore children or adults know of such thing.  Pepsi, coke or sprite etc. they all contain these elements. Even the ice tea contains it because it tends to make addiction. That’s another cause that’s why comedies put it in.


It makes this very special taste which children likes so much and this is an amplifier for the bad effect of the food allergies.   In the beginning I said allergy, asthma easy comes to us, my heart jumps with joy because these are easy to heal. When we find the allergy, when we find the bacteria, when we find the <inaudible> deficiency we replace and the asthma goes away.

Sue From Jamaica Reviews The Foot Detox Pads

Hi everybody my name is sue and today I’ll be fading a review on the Body Pure Detox  pads  I just received my package so I’m about to try it out . It says it helps to removes toxins, it improves circulation and it combats fatigue so let’s see if it really works. In the package it has two things, it has the adhesive and it has the foot pads. You would peel the back of the adhesive, place the foot pad in the middle and then   you would tape it t to the bottom of your foot. I’m going to test it out and hater a couple of days I’ll let you know the result.


Hi I’m back again. I’ve tried the detox pads for a week I’ve noticed that I feel much better when I wake up in the morning. I’m a college student, I do sports and   I also work from home as in as you can tell that’s a lot of work. In always tired, in always feeling stressed and I don’t feel as stressed as I was before. In not as tired as I was before.  When I get up in the morning it’s almost as if in waking up from a vacation. I really do enjoy this product , I feel  productive , I feel like I  have a  lot of energy to do what I need to  do in the days  and I would really recommend

Benefits of Foot Detox Patches

In this day and age everyone seems to be selling a new detox formula.  Over the counter products touting a healthier you though their detox formulas line the aisles of almost every grocery store.  But, have you ever tried foot pads?  Ironically this type of detox system has been around for centuries.  It could very well be one of the first forms of detox ever created.  So, what’s the deal?  Do they really work and how do detox foot pads really work?

The body is a unique in that it works best when it is fueled by nutrients that it craves.  Unfortunately many of us fill our bodies with foods that are processed, high in fat and cholesterol and are generally horrible for our bodies.  The reason?  Our bodies become accustomed to the food we feed it.  When we eat food at places like fast food establishments, we are fueling ourselves with food high in sugar and other processed products that is not healthy.  It is also the reason our bodies become toxic.  Along with smoking and alcohol, food can in itself be extremely toxic.  So, detoxifying your body takes a couple steps.  The first, obviously is to change eating habits.  Secondly, use a detox system that works.

Although detox foot pads have been around for centuries, many people still think this is a ridiculous way to detoxify the body.  However, if you think about how the body works it may not be as crazy as it sounds.  Detoxifying the body through foot pads uses the same premise as trees which absorb nutrients and water through roots.  The pads are placed at points of the foot the same way as acupuncturists place needles to target certain organs and muscles.  The feet have points where nerve endings stop.  From our heads to our toes, nerve endings are throughout our bodies and end at our feet.  Foot pads were designed by Chinese who believed that by rubbing the feet, blood circulation improves and helps with the central nervous system as well as improves organ function.

foot patch before and after
So, you may be wondering if there is some validity to all of this.  Can foot pads actually detox your body?  Ironically foot pads have received some pretty positive reviews from the people who actually used them.  The key is to actually go through the process.  It’s recommended to wear these pads at least eight hours a night and for five days minimum.  As you use the pads, at first they will be discolored and dark in color.  This is from the toxins which are being absorbed through the pads. After a few days the pads will eventually become lighter in color. This means they are working and your body is in fact become less toxic.  These pads do need to be changed regularly  after each use.

Detox foot pads can and do help to detoxify your body, however as much as you detoxify the body you have to also eat right and exercise.  This is probably the most important part of the detoxification process.  It’s imperative that you actually follow the plan to the best of your ability.  Quitting smoking, eating healthy foods like vegetables and foods with low sodium, low fat can benefit you threefold.  Detox foot pads can rid the body of toxins but keeping the toxic out means eating the right foods.  The majority of all toxins comes from ingestion, meaning we take them in.  So, the choice is yours, eat right, exercise, and detoxify your body the right way.  Start detoxifying yourself with detox foot pads.  You’ll be glad you did!

For a comparison of the detox foot patch options. visit: or the manufacturers website:

, CEO, Wise Choice Health, Inc

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