Liposuction Surgery Innovation

Liposuction procedures and technology have undergone immense changes since the first time the French and Italian surgeons used the method to remove fat in the year 1974. Throughout this course of advancement in technique and technology, the underlying principle of lipo has remained unchanged. This usually involves the use of a cannula with the help of aspirator to remove fat and improve contours. Moreover, with the advanced technology the procedures now deliver better results and have low risks on the patients.

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Early Techniques

The initial liposuction surgery was done under anesthesia and utilized large cannulas; this resulted in asymmetry, irregularities, and infections and in some cases loss of blood. In the year 1983 Dr. Yves-Gerar llouz introduced a new method that used suction assisted liposuction after the tissue was infused with fluid. The technology produced low morbidity rate with improved repetitive results. A surgeon called Pierre Fournier advanced this method to incorporate incision using lidocaine which is a local anesthetic and addition of compression of compression devices after operation to promote quick healing.

Tumescent Technique

The year 1985 witnessed a major advancement in liposuction technique and technology, Dr. Jeffrey Klein a dermatologist introduced the tumescent liposuction, which allowed liposuction to be done in large areas with the use of local anesthesia also referred to as tumescent anesthesia. This improvement made lipo safer and more effective. This technology had its side effects in that the patients had a long recovery phase; however, it was improved to reduce the time drastically. The tumescent technique lead to less loss of blood, and allowed the surgeons to contour the body to any angle they desired.

Advancements in Instrumentation and Technology

Along the improved techniques plastic surgeons form different parts of the world searched for ways to improve the instruments and the technology used in the surgery. This led to development of different devices come of these included

  • Cannula – this was large at the early stages but the surgeons have made improvement to reduce the size giving less scars and smooth results.
  • Ultrasound assisted liposuction- this technique uses specialized Cannula, which emits ultrasound vibrations, the vibrations are vital in liquefying the fat in the affected area making its removal easy via suction.
  • Smart lipo- this utilizes a small cannula with a laser fiber, the fiber delivers laser energy to the desired area, which causes the fat cells to be melted and therefore making removal easy. Depending on the thickness of the tissue the strength of the laser energy may be adjusted, the safety of the technique is also guaranteed.

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