Health Benefits of Foot Massage

San Diego massage therapy benefitsWe all know that the answer to tired feet is a simple foot massage. However, did you know that this type of massage can also help promote well being of a person? This is because majority of the sensory nerves of your body are located in your feet. With this, the reflexologist can utilize your feet as a map in treating various ailments that you are feeling.

Since we all use our feet on a daily basis, then we will all benefit from a foot massage. If you wish to know more about what a foot massage can do to your health, here are some of the amazing benefits that you should know about:

Promotes relaxation

Pressure on your feet will surely make you feel relaxed. In addition to that, you can also have an improved well being. A study was made with regards to the effect of foot massages for people who have undergone bypass graft surgery. It was discovered that people who have received foot massages experienced great levels of calmness and feelings of better well-being afterwards. Foot massages cannot just alleviate post-operative stress; it is also designed to bring relaxation on our daily lives.

Provides relief from nausea and pain

If you are prone to nausea or have feelings of chronic pain, a foot massage may just be the solution that you need. According to certain studies, a foot massage can bring about relief of pain for people who are undergoing cancer treatment. In addition to that, a foot massage is known to be a useful pain relief tool after a long day’s work.

Provides relief from multiple sclerosis

It is found out that reflexology can have positive effects on the symptoms that people with multiple sclerosis are experiencing. Reflexology treatment is done by applying pressure on the various points located in the area of the feet and calf. Symptoms related to sensory, urinary and motor systems have shown significant reduction.

Minimizes stress and fatigue

The pressure applied on the feet during a massage will get rid of any symptoms of fatigue and stress that you may be feeling. Since blood circulation is improved, the muscles in your feet will be able to receive the oxygen that they need.

Improves health of feet

Thanks to foot massage, muscles in the feet are stimulated, blood circulation is enhanced, stiffness and tension are reduced and most of all, pain is eliminated. This is great for tired feet from walking, running and the likes.

Foot massage is not just for relaxation and rest; it can be about improving health. Because of these amazing benefits, a lot of people wish to enjoy an amazing foot massage from time to time. If you happen to live or staying at San Diego, there are many San Diego massage therapy center you can surely visit.

Pamper your feet – your body will surely thank you for it!

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