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A Natural Dentist’s Success: He Loves His Work

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Dr. Daniel Vinograd, the founder of this site and an advocate for products and procedures that enhance overall health, is perhaps the most successful holistic dentist San Diego has, but that’s not all he is: he’s a man who enjoys life and what he does.

For Dr. Vinograd, education, service work and having a life outside of his work are essential to maintain the balanced view he promotes.


Dr. Vinograd’s Education

Ranging from traditional to non-traditional, Dr. Vinograd’s educational background never stops expanding because he never stops learning. Through his 30-plus years as a holistic healer, naturopathic doctor and his practice in holistic dentistry, he’s learned as much from practical experience as from education, but his educational credentials are impressive too.

His doctorate in dental surgery came in 1978 from the University of Southern California, an institution that he serves to this day as an associate professor in prosthodontics. He is also a degreed naturopathic doctor.

In addition, he’s been studying amalgam-free and non-toxic dentistry for most of his career and has become a recognized expert in this field.


Commitment To Service

Part of Dr. Vinograd’s commitment to service his obvious. He serves patients every day as the holistic dentist San Diego depends on, and he serves students as a professor who helps them complete an education that allows them to serve the world in their own unique ways. But he is also committed to service in another way.

He has participated in a number of medical mission trips to locations in the world where access to affordable dental care is severely restricted. Believing that everyone should have access to the services and procedures they need for a complete and full life, Dr. Vinograd had travels beyond his San Diego practice to rural Tennessee and to the Peruvian Amazon, Guatemala and other remote locations. Costing him money out of his own pocket, these trips are restorative for him and provide services to people who probably wouldn’t get them any other way.

He has worked with several different medical mission organizations and looks forward to participating in future trips.


A Full Life Outside Of Holistic Dentistry In San Diego

When not serving his clients as a natural dentist, Dr. Vinograd takes pleasure in his three children and four grandchildren as well as his garden, his tilapia farm and a few hobbies.

He loves coaching soccer and volunteering as well. His career is part of his downtime too. He enjoys studying Eastern medicine, including Ayurveda, Chinese medicine and other traditions. He studies the macrobiotic diet and a number of other so-called fads that may hold useful health lessons. He also enjoys developing and investing in products that can be beneficial in enhancing people’s everyday lives.

The key word is “enjoy”. No matter what he’s doing, Dr. makes an intentional effort to enjoy it. And that makes his life a true joy for him and those who know him.


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