Foot Detoxification Using Natural Herbs

Who said that you have to do to a spa in order to do a foot detox successfully? Detoxification of the feet is very important because not only will it help the feet but also the rest of the body. This is a very effective way of cleansing the body and making it free of those toxins that build up over a long period of time. The best thing about a foot detoxification procedure is that it is extremely simple to carry out and you do not need to buy expensive stuff. In fact the amount of money you will pay at the spa for the detox will be by far higher than what you will spend doing the detoxification right from home.

Detoxification at Home : Inexpensive and easy but highly beneficial.

Foot detoxification is thought to be the safest methods of detoxifying the body. As you probably know, there are many types of foot detox procedures which include the likes of detox foot spas and the detox pads. Taking advantage of either of these two procedures will see to it that you cleanse your body naturally.

One thing that you can be sure is that you will be rid of is the bad odor from the feet. Have you always hated how your feet smell when you take off your shoes? Well, how would you like to get rid of that stench using a natural food detoxification procedure? There are so many natural herbs that you can employ for this endeavor. A foot bath comes highly recommended by health practitioners. Just like any other detoxification process, a foot bath will help in enhancing the circulation of blood in the skin. As the blood flows closer to the surface of the skin toxins will be removed. A foot bath can last from as few as five minutes all the way to half an hour.

Foot detoxification pads

Normally, these pads would be made from extracts of bamboo or other trees. They are also known as foot detox patches. They have been in use for so many years now since they were originated in early Japanese cultures. They are extremely simple to use. The best way to use the pads is by applying them before bed. The toxins will be released over night and when one wakes up, the pads tend to be darkened as a result of the toxins. One can use them pads over and over to ensure that the detoxification of the body. The intensity of the darkening will not be so much as the toxins reduce in amount.

Using the foot detox pads is good because only natural products (bamboo extracts) are used. People who have used these pads have reported feeling rejuvenated as in less fatigues, less frequent headaches and less joint pains. The same results are noted by people who use the ionic foot baths.

The ionic foot bath works on the slightly complex principles of electrolysis. Ions, both positive and negative, are produced in saltwater. The warm water is ionized as you sit back and relax and you get to enjoy the benefits of your feet being cleansed.

Detox at home

Indian Food SpaAyurveda one of the world’s oldest holistic (whole-body) healing systems makes use of some of the common herbs and spices used in Indian Cooking to perform foot detoxification.

All you need is a container that is large enough where both your feet can fit comfortable. It is in this container that you will mix those natural herbs and spices as required by the recipe you are using. When you visit your local nutrition store you can find an herb packet that is meant especially for foot detoxification. However, you need to know that these herb packets might not be as good as one that is homemade. Generally the ingredients that you will find in the packets are those common items you find in your kitchen cabinet. They will include the likes of ginger, tea, garlic, the peels of citrus fruits (dried), and dried hot pepper. Tea leafs too is quite powerful when it comes to foot detoxification. It is extremely effective when it comes to elimination of the bad odor from feet caused by the toxins.

Natural remedies

The best thing about all these natural herbs is that they would not harm your body unless you are allergic to them. So you are always welcome to experiment with several of them. You simply mix your homemade concoction with some luke warm water. Sit back and enjoy the foot bath for about 25 minutes. The best herbs you will find to be helpful for a foot detox include:

  1. Bamboo extracts in the foot pads
  2. Tea- any kind of tea will do including regular tea
  3. Garlic
  4. Dried citrus fruits peels
  5. Ginger
  6. Epsom salts

Sit Back Relax and Enjoy.

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