Benefits of Foot Detox Patches

In this day and age everyone seems to be selling a new detox formula.  Over the counter products touting a healthier you though their detox formulas line the aisles of almost every grocery store.  But, have you ever tried foot pads?  Ironically this type of detox system has been around for centuries.  It could very well be one of the first forms of detox ever created.  So, what’s the deal?  Do they really work and how do detox foot pads really work?

The body is a unique in that it works best when it is fueled by nutrients that it craves.  Unfortunately many of us fill our bodies with foods that are processed, high in fat and cholesterol and are generally horrible for our bodies.  The reason?  Our bodies become accustomed to the food we feed it.  When we eat food at places like fast food establishments, we are fueling ourselves with food high in sugar and other processed products that is not healthy.  It is also the reason our bodies become toxic.  Along with smoking and alcohol, food can in itself be extremely toxic.  So, detoxifying your body takes a couple steps.  The first, obviously is to change eating habits.  Secondly, use a detox system that works.

Although detox foot pads have been around for centuries, many people still think this is a ridiculous way to detoxify the body.  However, if you think about how the body works it may not be as crazy as it sounds.  Detoxifying the body through foot pads uses the same premise as trees which absorb nutrients and water through roots.  The pads are placed at points of the foot the same way as acupuncturists place needles to target certain organs and muscles.  The feet have points where nerve endings stop.  From our heads to our toes, nerve endings are throughout our bodies and end at our feet.  Foot pads were designed by Chinese who believed that by rubbing the feet, blood circulation improves and helps with the central nervous system as well as improves organ function.

foot patch before and after
So, you may be wondering if there is some validity to all of this.  Can foot pads actually detox your body?  Ironically foot pads have received some pretty positive reviews from the people who actually used them.  The key is to actually go through the process.  It’s recommended to wear these pads at least eight hours a night and for five days minimum.  As you use the pads, at first they will be discolored and dark in color.  This is from the toxins which are being absorbed through the pads. After a few days the pads will eventually become lighter in color. This means they are working and your body is in fact become less toxic.  These pads do need to be changed regularly  after each use.

Detox foot pads can and do help to detoxify your body, however as much as you detoxify the body you have to also eat right and exercise.  This is probably the most important part of the detoxification process.  It’s imperative that you actually follow the plan to the best of your ability.  Quitting smoking, eating healthy foods like vegetables and foods with low sodium, low fat can benefit you threefold.  Detox foot pads can rid the body of toxins but keeping the toxic out means eating the right foods.  The majority of all toxins comes from ingestion, meaning we take them in.  So, the choice is yours, eat right, exercise, and detoxify your body the right way.  Start detoxifying yourself with detox foot pads.  You’ll be glad you did!

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