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Common Problems in the Adult Foot P5

So, when you rupture your Achilles tendon, and it’s done more in Europe than in this country, but not everybody has to have a complete rupture like you did.  There are ways to rehab somebody not operatively.  In this country, most people who are relatively healthy usually get it fixed.  I usually talk to people […]


Common Problems in the Adult Foot P4

So, that’s the three most common tendon problems around the ankle that I see.  Does anybody have any questions about that?  Yes, sir? [44:03] He asked what we think about the rocker sole shoe.  In general, I like them for some specific problems.  For people with ankle arthritis where they’ve had arthritis in the middle […]


Common Problems in the Adult Foot P3

One of the great things is you can see how shoe styles have changed.  One of the best things for me is these open back shoes.  When I first went into medicine, nobody wore those.  They were odd clogs, and nobody wore them.  Now, they’re all over the place, and if you have this problem, […]

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