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Fermented Foods and Healing our Endothelium P4

  What can you do if you don’t already have good mono layer function? What can you do? The very first thing I would recommend I eat as much as locally grown, unread, non GMO food as possible. This is not just to be trendy, this is not just to feel like you’re buying over […]


Fermented Foods and Healing our Endothelium P3

  This one you might think only applies to pregnant women. It’s a carongatropin. It’s one of those things definitely involved in the development of the foetus but every human being normally has a tiny level of HGC because it’s there to be invited in how cells grow and develop per all of us not […]


Fermented Foods and Healing our Endothelium P2

  As they’re normal diet will diver themselves and go eat a little bit of dirt, clay or sand from the river bank. The assumption in biology is that they do that specifically because there   is something about that inmate material that will help them digest or ill offset some of those effects. Those are […]


Fermented Foods and Healing our Endothelium

John: The topic today is   how can you protect yourself from evil food and very few of you will be familiar with this particular language. There’s going to be a lot of bio chemistry, I hope I translate them into words that are familiar to you as we go among but this is what it’s […]


Metals, Molecules, Life and Death P5

  graham: yes you’re right it’s a metal but I’m trying to give a  general public lecture here so I have to generalize  a lot . Metallic mercury is possibly a hazard to us if you ingest it. Some of you know that metallic mercury was used in the medical industry to cure constipation. The […]

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